Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl, Part 2

I gotta tell yall that I'm a college football girl. That's how football is played in Alabama. We have no pro team in the state and, generally, we hate Atlanta (the city, the Falcons, the traffic, etc.) So when I married my Cowboys-lovin' hubby, I was forced to watch Pro Football. He doesn't make me sit though as many games anymore but I'm still not generally a fan.

Except the Super Bowl.

I usually only watch for the commercials. The games are often boring. It always seems to be about the "stars" sitting in the stands (who cares?) The teams make little plays (I'm all about the big plays.)

Last night was the exception! Wasn't that a great game?! I thought pro-players didn't make that many turnovers! And they had to play in the rain! These guys make the big bucks - it was nice to see them earn it. I really enjoyed the game and, of course, my nice Southern boy, Peyton was fantastic! Who knew Pro Football could be so fun?

By the way, Stephanie's hubby is a fireman so I guess he knows about rain and electrocution. Although I have to agree that Prince looks as good as 1980 - that's impressive. Maybe it was the Little Richard head wrap?


Melene said...

Yes, last night's game was great! We were pulling for the Colts, too. My husband said the same thing about Prince, he looks just like he did when we were in high school-over 20 years ago! All the adults at the party laughed when I asked the 17 year old and his girlfriend if they had ever heard the song Purple Rain and they both said, "Nope."