Friday, February 23, 2007


So, last night I was sitting at home and my phone rings. I see on the caller ID that it's my friend - who hates to call folks - so I know she has something important to ask or tell me. Imagine my surprise to hear a voice tell me I have won "1 million Coke-a-colas." I talk to the jokester for a few minutes and figure out my buddy isn't coming to the phone and the kid doesn't want to talk to my kid. I've been crank-called.

Well, at least they didn't ask if my refrigerator was running. I guess they hadn't heard that one yet.

Anyhoo, Jim and I laughed for a minute and thought of all the crank calls that we thought were so funny. (Jim: in the middle of the night say, "I'm up for a sandwich. What are you up for?")

Then I called my friend, the Mom. She wasn't laughing. I think she wanted any anger taken out on her children, who had already confessed to her, rather than on her. She had informed her children that most people had Caller ID. Duh.

I'm thinking I may call them back and ask for my "1 million Coke-a-colas." In a disguised voice.


Sarah said...

I forgot this as pretty much the only blog material I have for the week -- the realization that we are the only family on the planet w/o Caller I.D. Lesson learned.
No, after the day I had yesterday, I was NOT laughing to find my children with the phone book irritating every person in town so that their caller I.D. can reveal to them the precise location of their irritation.

Roxanne said...

Hilarious. . .and I was wondering if it was our mutual friend who HATES to call people. :)