Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Day

Here's the front of the house this morning. Not that much snow but enough to stay home! Note the beautiful lights - my sweet hubby puts them up every year. Drive by - they look great!
Kenny thought "snow" meant "snowball" and proceeded to make them and throw them at Abbie. We went into the front yard at about 11:00 and the wind was sooo cold - I sent them to the back. Yes, the wind chill was 11*.

Now, to Abbie "snow" meant "snow angel." If you look closely (and squint) you can see the snow angel she made. On the concrete. Go figure.
My little snow angel.


I broke the cardinal rule of a snow day. Don't run out of milk or bread. It was milk. $2.99 at United. Check back for pictures of my rowdy kids in the "snow."

Go to this link to vote for your favorite NFL team (Cowboys, right?) and in doing so get some free soup to the food bank in Dallas.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Molly, An American Girl

Okay, so last night I watched Molly, An American Girl on the Home Front with the kids. What a great old-fashioned movie! I want to recommend it to everyone who has kids who like to watch TV. It's based on Molly, from the American Girl books, who lives during World War II. She lives in a small town in Illinois and dreams of being "Miss Victory" for her elementary school production. She deals with jealousy, loss, making new friends, and improving her work ethic all in 90 minutes. This is a movie like we all remember watching when we got to stay home from church on Sunday night and see the Wonderful World of Disney (once in a blue moon.)

I should tell you that Kenny liked it, too. It had alot of history in it - which, of course, he liked. I couldn't convince him to check one of the American Girl books out of the library though. He commented on how "respectful" all the students were in Molly's class. They have it on sale Tuesday at Target and click here to see a teaser.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mean Mama

I read this article about young kids growing into teenagers too quickly. I know you'll join me in setting limits on our children - so they can be children! We can work together to be the mean parents that everybody hates - I'm not out to be my kid's friend, that's why I have yall.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Get Cookin

I thought I'd do something a little different and post a recipe! I'll put it on the Recipe Blog, too. This is really good especially for the cold (it'll get there!) weather.

Cowboy Pot Roast

1 1/2 t. salt, divided
1 1/2 t. pepper, divided
1 (14.5 oz) can petite-cut diced tomatoes, drained
1 can Rotel
1 onion, cut into wedges
1 T. chili powder
1 (2 1/2 to 3 lb) eye of round roast, trimmed (I use what was on sale!)
2 T. veggie oil
2 cans of Pinto beans, drained
1 can of Black beans, drained

Combine 1 t. salt, 1 t. pepper, and next 4 ingredients in bowl.
Sprinkle reast evenly w/remaining salt and pepper. Brown roast on all sides in hot oil. Transfer roast to a crock pot. Pour tomatoe mixture over roast. Cover and cook on HIGH 5 to 6 hours.
Remove roast from the slow cooker and cut into large chunks; keep warm
Skim the fat from the crock pot. Mash 1 1/2 cans pinto beans and add to the crock pot. Stir in black beans and remaining pintos. Add the roast pieces back to the crock pot; cover and cook on HIGH 20 to 25 more minutes. Top w/jalapenos, if desired.

Now add some cornbread - if ya know what's good for ya!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Thanks

Whew, keep up!

Monday, November 20 - Thanks, Sarah, for taking my kids so I could go to Bunco! Sarah came up with the idea that she and I trade off babysitting. Our kids seem to like each other and we like each other's kids - ideal situation.

Tuesday, November 21 - I'm thankful the Jim is staying well enough. He's fighting a cold but he can stilll go to work. This time of year - it's important that's he's there. Just ask him.

Wednesday, November 22 - Thanks for a little peace and quiet. The kids went to Mimi's and made turkey cookies and Jim went to work. I was alone for 2 glorious hours. Sometimes Mommy needs to be alone!

Thursday, November 23 - Thank you, Father, for all the blessings I have. Thank you for the food that we eat everyday. Thank you for my wonderful husband and children - they have enriched my life in ways I could never have known. Thank you for the friends I have all over the country. Thank you so much for our church home. Mostly, Father, thank you for Jesus - without Him I'd be without hope or a future.

Enter [the Lord's] gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100:4-5, New International Version

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.
Well, I always make the stuffing and I certainly eat enough to BE stuffing......

What Now?

I've started working on a new project, that already had several participants, and I feel like it could be run better. The managers seem scattered and unaware of the discontentment flying around them. Being that I'm a rookie, I'm trying to get some of the older members to speak up but they are unwilling to hurt feelings. Do I keep my mouth shut? Do I try to smooth over older member's feelings? Do I stand up and be counted? I could use a little Godly advice here.

BTW, if you know what I'm talking about, please don't out it here on the blog.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Get Yours Now!

Okay two posts in one hour may be too many but this made me laugh out loud...... This site gave me my own movie line!

You talking to Denise?
That's kind of the way I've been feeling lately but right now I'm laughing!!

Weekend Blessings

Saturday, November 18 - Thanks to Riley for inviting Kenny to his birthday party! It was fun for Kenny to go play at the park and fun for mom to take a nap!

Sunday, November 19 - I'm thankful that Jim and I got to go with our kids to the nursing home. Due to scheduling problems, Jim and I were at a loss last night about what to do at 6:00. Both of our classes were cancelled and the kids were doing this great service project with the other Sunday night kids. We didn't want them to miss soooo, we tagged along. It was great for the little old ladies to see Southern Hills kids and it gave Jim and I the opportunity to teach our kids about kindness and caring for the elderly. You should hear those little kids sing Shout Hallelujah!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


You know you've ben gone from Alabama too long when you don't know the day of The Game. I just read that today is the Alabama-Auburn game and I can only hope it's on TV. In my home state, everybody knows which channel it's on, what time it comes on, who they'll be watching it with, and what they're eating. College football doesn't get any better than this, let me tell ya!

Funny memory: Before Jim and I were dating, I invited him to Candace's house (Auburn grad) to watch the game. It was full of Tiger fans (the Bama folks were at someone else's house) and we were yelling and jumping and having a great time watching the game. Jim fell asleep on the floor off to the side! It was then I began to understand what working at night means to a body.

Thankful Catch-Up

Tuesday, November 14 - I'm thankful that Kenny got to go to Safety City. It's the highlight of all 3rd graders here in Abilene and I was concerned that he might get sick. It seems that he always gets sick on his birthday or when something exciting is going on at school.

Wednesday, November 15 - I'm so thankful for my Manna and More team! They always show up and cook their little hearts out! We all have fun doing it, too. I never have to worry that that day will be dull.

Thursday, November 16 - I've said before that putting the kids down to nap at school is the hardest part of my job. It just isn't easy. Thank you, Holly, for being in there with us every time to help us take care the the toughest one. It would take us forever if you weren't there all the time.

Friday, November 17 - Thanks to Rosie who always does a great job. Rosie won't read this - she doesn't blog - but she cuts my hair. She's terrific! She's an excellent colorist, too. She has a wonderful smile and she ain't that expensive.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Rest of the Story

I've been trying to formula this in my head and it isn't coming together. Probably because I was a walking, talking numb person at the time - so bear with me.

When the doctor came out of delivery, it was the neonataligist carrying Kenny. This was Jim's introduction in the the world of the NICU. All NICUs are different and have different rules about weight, size, treatment, etc. This was our experience at St. Vincent's in Birmingham, Alabama. Our NICU was pronounce N-I-C-U - I know it's become popular to prononunce it Nick-u but ours wasn't that way. Jim was able to see Kenny when the doctor stopped to show him to Jim and pretty quickly in the NICU itself. Kenny started out on a c-pap for breathing (prongs in his nose,) an IV for glucose (no formula yet,) and small white eye shields (called goggles) to protect his eyes from the billi-light. He also had a gold heart placed on his heart to measure his heart rate. He was placed on an open bed (the tall bed you always see on TV) and usually just had a diaper placed around him. They didn't try to tape it up. The diapers were weighed when change to measure just how much was going in and out. Jim had to wash his hands thoughly (there were instuctions) and couldn't pick him up. Premies like a firm touch and we were asked to only touch him on his trunk, not legs or arms.

Because my blood pressure was still so high I wasn't allowed out of my room for 2 days. I remember lots of people coming to see me and my blood pressure going though the roof. I felt fine but the nurse would only let one person in at a time. I slept alot and the blood pressure cuff would inflate (and wake my up) every 30 minutes. So I would wake up n the middle of the night and ask about Kenny - Jim would tell me he was fine. I would ask Jim to go check on him and by the time Jim got back I'd be asleep! Jim knew all the nurses - roll the clock. When I was finally allowed to go to a room on the floor, I was able to see Kenny. We still couldn't pick him up. The premies had to be 1600 grams (Kenny's birth weight) and we had to wait for him to get that big. Only JIm and I were allowed to touch him and only 2 people could be at a bed at one time. By the time I got to see him, the goggles were gone (but the velcro patches on the side of his head remained) and he was off the vent.

Funny thing: I was still VERY hot. It turned cold and my mom had come to see me. I was on the floor and I had my own room. She was talking to me and I said to her to take off her coat and stay awhile. She had on her heavy winter coat! She told me it was freezing in my room. Now it was 40 outside and I still had the A/C on 50! I was shocked at how hot it was in the hallway.

Kenny quickly moved to a isolette and I was able to hold him for the first time 5 days after his birth. We could hold him for 20 minutes at a time so Jim didn't get a chance until 8 days after his birth. We learned about "kangaroo care" - the baby is held up against the skin. I did it behind a screen or out in the open. Yall know how good it feels to have a baby right up against you! He was taking formula through a feeding tube - his first bottle was given at 10 days old. We were told (more than once) that he wasn't supposed to be here until the end of December - so don't look for him to come home until the end of December.

I left the hospital 4 days after his birth and cried all the way home. It's horrible to leave your helpless baby with someone else! After awhile, I would go in the morning and be with Kenny until the shift change at abut 3:00. Then Jim would come home from work, we would eat something quickly, and we would both go to the hospital until about 10:00. We saw some parents that lived far away and weren't able to see their child every day. I wanted to take care of those kids, too. I was told to call anytime I wanted to to check on him. I remember calling one night at abut 3:00 and the nurse was wonderful! She remembered seeing Jim and checked on Kenny right away and gave me a report. I felt confident in their care but I wanted him home!

Kenny's heart would have bradycardia - his heart would get dangerously slow and he could turn blue. The policy was he had to go 10 days without a brady before he could go home. He would never quite make 10 days. I pumped the entire time and I was given a private room to try to nurse him. He wouldn't latch on (later, at home, he did and nursed for about 9 months) but we sure tried. I would pump, freeze the milk, take it to the hospital, and they would give it to him when neither of us was there.

It was the week of Christmas and surely, he would come home! My in-laws came from Abilene - thinking he would come home that week. He had been in the hospital for 7 weeks! Then he contracted RSV. Kenny was immediatly put into isolation. We weren't at the hospital (it was night) but the doctor called us to tell us. He was back on an open bed, face down with lots of IVs that he was trying to pull out whenever he was awake. I would just pat his bottom to put him back to sleep. That first day, I thought him might die - Jim didn't. He looked very sick and had his own nurse - all to himself. It was awful for me. We were there the next day with Mimi and Pop and his vein (?) had collasped again. The antibotics were tough on them and they kept finding new places to put the IV. We were asked to wait outside while 3 or 4 nurses tried to find a vein. We could hear him screaming and Jim and I just prayed. I had to walk down the hall so I couldn't hear it anymore. It was a memorable Christmas.

This was a dark time for me. Margaret was in the hospital down the street and I thought she was dying, too. No one wanted me to know just how sick she was but her heart wasn't doing well. It wasn't long after this that she got a kidney from her brother - it's still working well, praise God. One of the women I didn't know well at church told me that she couldn't sleep the night before and was praying for Kenny then. I was asleep. I'm so thankful others were taking care of us then.

After the RSV, he had reached his due date. He weighted less than 7 lbs and I guess they felt like "Get this kid out of our NICU!" He was 8 weeks old and allowed to come home. He had a heart monitor that he wore all the time (wires around his chest) and we had to have infant CPR. January 7 Homecoming.

Sorry this has been so long - I hope you had lots of coffee with our story. We praise God that He allowed us to have our 9-year-old and that our story can help others. I have since visited others that I don't know whose babies had to go to the NICU. (Buy them some parking passes) I really just wanted all my Texas friends to know that God can carry us even when we can't even think about anything but making it to shift change.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye Heavenly Host. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

"Waste Not, Want Not!"

Willard Tresler, Margaret's dad, passed away on Novemeber 14, 2006. This is the email I got from Margaret:

No more diabetes, cancer, high prices, or traffic....We are full of sorrow at our loss, but rejoicing that Dad is healed and HOME in the land of cloudless day.
Love and thanks to everyone,
Margaret, John, and Jeane

This was one funny (without intending to be) man. I admired his service to our country (Ret. Air Force,) the love he had for his wife, Jeane, and the love he had for his children. He was blessed with 2 grandchildren before he died (holding one of them.) Join me today in prayer for his family.

Aside: Ask me about "Waste not, want not."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Teaser

Kenneth Joel Waldrop

November 11, 1997

3 lbs 8 oz

16 inches long

Picture taken the first time Mom held him at 5 days old.

Monday, November 13, 2006

In All Things Give Thanks

Sunday, November 12 - I'm so thankful to be able to sing on the Praise Team! This is new for me and still scary but it was wonderful on Sunday. I've not joined for the three years we've been here because I was nervous about it but it truly is a gift to me. To be able to sing with others is always great - even rehearsal on Sunday night makes my night. Thanks, Father, for this talent.

Monday, November 13 - I'm thankful that my sweet sister-in-law, Kathy, always remembers my kid's birthdays. Kenny was so excited to get something in the mail for his birthday - he tore the card. Like he hadn't gotten anything else!

Kenny's Birth - Part Two

As promised....

When we arrived at the OB's office we had to wait - I remember pacing the floor because I was uncomfortable and nervous. They did the routine (for me) blood draw, tinkle in a cup, and get hooked up to the fetal monitor. I would sit in a recliner and they would check on Kenny (Peanut, at the time.) I had this done this 2 or 3 times already. The doctor came in and checked on the monitor strip.

Let me take this time to tell you about my doctor. Dr. Jimmy Sparks wore beautiful tassel loafers with his scrubs. Or he had on his nicely startched lab coat with his name over the pocket. He was always professional and yet caring. I was never uncomfortable with him! I have since decided that he spoiled me for every other OB/GYN. None have been able to compare or be as wonderful. One in Arkansas failed miserably and paid the price by me changing doctors - quickly.

Sooooo, Dr. Sparks decided to prescibe me an antiacid and sent me home. Kenny looked fine - I was only 33 weeks. Go home and lie on your left side - same old, same old. Then one of the nurses came in with my chart, "Wait, there's protein in your urine. I'm sending you over to the hospital." NOW!? Ok. One of the other nurses (yes, there were many! I'm talking wonderful practice!) took me, in a wheelchair, over to the hospital. They were within the same city block by we traveled up and down and past the kitchen. It was strange and surreal. I was installed in Room 3, which I later learned was for high- risk pregnacies, and hooked up to an IV.

I still didn't get it. I knew I was high-risk (at 35) but I expected everything to be fine. Maybe we just couldn't anticipate it because we had no previous experence. I don't know.

I was filled up with magnesium and got really hot! The inside of my mouth was warm - it was weird. I had the A/C turned down to 50 and I was still hot. Jim will tell you it was freezing in my rooms for the next week! About 5 days after Kenny was born it turned cold out and my mom came to visit me and Kenny. She had on her big coat and I told her to take her coat off - we're inside. She told me it was cold in my room and she'd leave it on, thank you. Jim went to move the car and get the telephone numbers and I called Margaret. She worked downtown and I couldn't believe how fast she got there! The (wonderful) doctor came in and told me I would be delivering this baby today while she was with me. But I'm only 33 weeks and I'm not having any contractions - how can I deliver? It didn't matter - it was him come out or me get sicker.

I was sick. My blood wouldn't clot - a sign that my liver wasn't functioning well. My blood pressure was high - a sign that my arterties may close up and cause a stroke. I remember lots of people from my parent's church coming and offering prayer. I remember my mom and dad being there. I remember that Jim didn't go into the operating room with me. I was given general anaesthesia - so I had to go it alone. I was cold, lonely, and waiting for a second doctor in the OR. I was too drugged or freaked out to cry.

When I woke up, my mom was there and the first thing I said was "Is he okay?" My mom assured me he was and I started to pester her. "But is he ok?" "Yes, he's fine." "Is he retared?" (I was worried about that thoughout my pregnacy - I was 35.) "No, he's fine." "But is he Down's?!?" My mom told the nurse that I worked with retarded kids - that should explain everything.

Sorry so long. If you've made it this far, come back and read about the NICU, open beds, IVs for premies, etc.

Edited to add: I should have said "special needs kids." I was never that insensitive when I worked with that population! Just coming out of anaesthesia is one thing - now is another!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Thanks

Friday, November 10 - I'm thankful that I can go to the doctor. I know lots of people can't afford it or don't have insurance. I'm glad that Jim is waiting at home with our children so he can take care of me.

Saturday, November 11 - Thank you, Father, for my son. My Mom and Dad thank you that I'm "paying for my raising." I can't imagine life without him. I think I'll record his birth story on his birthday.

Kenny's Birth - Part 1

As promised a little story about a not-so-little boy.....

Jim and I had been married two years and decided it was time to get pregnant. It didn't take long and we saw no reason why it wouldn't go along without a hitch! Things did go well - I craved lime (which translated to Tex-Mex in Bham) and slept alot. My blood pressure started going up in about my 6th month - I had lots of doctor visits and they drew blood every time. I have since lived in other towns that didn't have the lab right the office and I've learned what a blessing that was. I had more frequent visits that all the other mommies - the doctor was watching my blood pressure.

Just to let you know - I wasn't worried. I remember telling someone later that I had 5 sonograms and they were surprised. She told me she would have been worried! I just didn't know any better.

At about 32 weeks, the doctor put me on partial bedrest. This meant alot of time on my left side (I thought I'd lose my mind trying to sleep on my left side!) and watching TV. Mimi came to visit and attend my baby showers. We went to the mall and she made me use a wheelchair! I felt fine! I didn't need a wheelchair! It seems so silly.

One night while Jim was at work (he went in at midnight,) I started to have the worst indigestion. I got up and took some antacids and tried to go to sleep but I just couldn't. I tossed and turned and finally got up and lay on the couch. None of this is out of the ordinary for an expecting mom and I was watching for the pain under ribs that would signal a preeclampsia problem.

Jim came home early (about 6:30) and we called the doctor. I had an appointment that day at 10:00 but he told me to come in at 8:00. Jim woke up Mimi and told her we had to go! At this point I was ready to get something, anything in me that would help so I couldn't believe it that Mimi was taking a shower! I wasn't taking a shower! Mimi has since told me that she had no idea when she would get to shower again.

Off we went to downtown Birmingham....

Friday, November 10, 2006


Wednesday, November 8 - Maybe this is a little too easy cause I'm thankful for Manna & More. Our Wednesday night meal means I don't have to cook and the kids get to hang with their friends. Abbie had so much fun with Madilyn and it's sweet to hear them giggling together.

Thursday, November 9 - Thank you, God, for just one dirty diaper! Just one doesn't happen very often and changing diapers is something I stopped doing 18 months ago - Praise God!

I've been inspired by Shannon to write out Kenny's birth story. (It has become apparent that I have no original thought.) Tomorrow is his 9th birthday and I'll try to post later the long story.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Love the Island

OH MY STARS!! Did anyone else watch LOST!! Please, please, tell me that someone watched that show and wants to talk about it as bad as I do! Why, for the love of all things good and holy, are they making us wait until Feburary until there's more?!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Governor Grandma

Monday, November 6 - I'm thankful for antibiotics. Can you imagine our lives without them? Abbie has strep throat and think how hard it would be to get rid of if she couldn't just get a shot!

Tuesday, November 7 - My in-laws! Today I went to work and left my daughter at her Mimi's. Abbie and Mimi are both happy about spending the day together and napping together, too. One more thing, check out Sarah's blog for her thankful reminders.....

I'm surprised to find myself voting for an Independent (My governor is a Jewish cowboy - not really, she's One Tough Grandma!) and a Democrat. Texas politics sure are interesting, yall.

Monday, November 06, 2006


I usually don't watch the news on TV - I get most of my news from the computer. I've been thinking alot about this evangelical guy, Ted Haggard. I hadn't heard of him before the story broke of his infidelity and drug use. So, his story wasn't personal to me but I have been thinking about it . What is our response to brothers and sisters that walk (we do go willing) into such public sin? How much do we forgive? Is it harder to forgive someone who leads us? Do we even have a right to judge his (or someone in our own church family's) sincerity? Do we trust our shepherds to spiritually discern someone else's heart?

This could be anyone sitting in our pews or standing on our stages on Sunday morning. The most impressive thing I saw in the news was Mr. Haggard's willingness to submit to his own shepherds. Go here to see his letter to his church family. I also agree with this guy regarding charismatic leadership. Being the kind of person who LOVES to be in front of people and perform - I completely understand understand the temptation to do whatever it takes to stay there.

I'm all about forgiveness and the grace of God - without it I could look forward to an everlasting fire. I pray for this man and his family. I pray, too, for all of us to understand what it took for Jesus to give His life with the Father for all of us.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, in keeping with my Month of Thanksgiving -

Saturday, Nov 4 - I'm just thankful for a Saturday. They are always so laid back and easy. The kids and I went to Clyde Pizza House for Shepherding Group and got to hang with some of our favorite people.

Sunday, Nov 5 - Is it too easy to be thankful for my church? I've shared before how much I love it! I'm also thankful for the sermon this morning. Phil taught about worshipping all the time - it isn't just what we do on Sunday morning in the building!

Make my life a holy praise unto you.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good Ole Rocky Top

Well, since Amy brought it up.....

Amy grew up in Henderson, Tennessee - yup, home of Freed-Hardeman University. It's a VERY small town and we went with her to visit one time. I remember it being beautiful (was it the fall or spring?) and her parent's house was fun, too. There was still a poster that Amy had made in the 3rd (?) grade on the stairwell going upstairs. (It was something about household safety - be sure to read the comments to see what Amy tells us it said.) There was a great upstairs and Amy's room had eaves - I loved it! Maybe it even rained - very romantic.

Being a small town, Amy's dad knew everybody, including the guy who owned one of the BBQ restaurants. Restaurants is a nice word, in this instance, for joint. Us twentysomething girls walk into a place that the Health Department forgot and are welcomed into the kitchen. Mr. Clifford wants us to see how they cook the pork BBQ. Apparently, in East Tennessee, it has to be pulled pork. More to come... Now, in the south PORK is the only kind of BBQ there is! Jim was the first person I had ever seen eat beef BBQ! YUCK! Dry and, well, just dry. Back home we chose inside or outside meat - sliced or chopped and it ALL had BBQ sauce. Even now I don't understand how people eat it without BBQ sauce.

Ya know, the secret's in the sauce...

But anyway, off we went into the kitchen and then through the kitchen! We went outside to the little shed where they actually cooked the pork! I had never seen this before. Where the meat gets cooked! Wellllll...... There were two long wire racks about two feet off the floor that ran the length of the shed - maybe 6 feet. They were on either side of the shed at a 90* angle. Laid out on the racks - more like grates - were two halves of one pig. Like the big guy had been sliced lengthwise and laid out! Alright then.....

But wait, there's more. More than a big pig cooking, you ask! Yep, there's a big guy, that didn't graduate from high school and had eaten more that his share of pork, pulling meat off the pig in strings! I think it was off his shoulder - the pig's, I mean. This young man was working and sweating in that little shed so all the residents of Henderson could have BBQ that day. Oh yeah, he was sweating. It was dropping off the end of his nose onto the pig! Big drops adding salt to the mix. I can still see it. It was disgusting to say the least.

Mr. Clifford was nice enough to buy a quart for us to have at home. Just in case we needed a snack.

We abstained.

Friday, November 03, 2006

November is Thankful Month

So my new blogger buddy, Melene, had a great idea that I'm going to horn in on. Every day this month I'll post on thankfulness - there's something to be thankful for everyday! I'll catch up today....

November 1 - Jim and I got to spend some time together and Abbie spent the night at Mimi's house.

November 2 - There was less crying at school today! My children are continuing to be good at night. With Jim working evenings, there's MUCH potential for too much drama and the kids are really trying to get along.

November 3 - I had the best time time at the Style Show with my girlfriends! We laughed and shopped and played. These women always make me smile.

A Little Grin

Our cousin, Bette, a plump fluffy woman from Arkansas, made herself a sandwich out of a scone, raspberry jam, and clotted cream, and told me all about her prize-winning chickens, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons. She had a way of catching her breath in little gasps and rushing on after each pause to prevent her listener from getting in a word that might divert the conversation from the subject of poultry.
Sleeping at the Starlite Motel by Bailey White
Don't ya just know someone like this?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tootsie Roll, Anyone?

It's taken me all day but FINALLY Blogger has allowed me to upload! Hooray! These are my two Trick or Treaters - aren't they cute?! Kenny is Slim from the Hank the Cowdog books and Abbie is Sandy from the beginning of the movie. If you asked her, that's what she'd tell you. Mimi thought Kenny looked like Jim, too but I couldn't see it.

Abbie and I both wore our costumes all day at school and she got lots of candy there. Last night we went to Trunk or Treat at SHCC, where they both got more candy. I'll be sneaking it into the trash (especially Abbie's) for the next month or so. I decided that kids just LOVE this holiday and it should be about them. There was much screaming and running like someone was giving away $100 bills instead of Tootsie Rolls.

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. More than anything I want to see my kids follow the way of the Lord and it's hard to see how to make that happen sometimes. I long for it to be more than checking off church attendence. Prayer, prayer, prayer......