Monday, November 12, 2007

News from Our Corner

The Coffee Group went. The Coffee Group spoke. The Coffee Group was once again humbled that anybody would listen to us. Praise God that He directs our paths and gives us what He wants us to say.

It was a terrific weekend. My girlfriends make me laugh until I cry, regularly, and when I haven't had enough sleep, the tears are a'rolling! The group of ladies we spoke to were so wonderful. Their prayers told us alot about their hearts and I loved that they were open to studying all the material we gave them.

My kids missed me and I missed them but we are all back together now. Kenny's birthday came and went -we're having a party next week. He and Riley are actually one week apart and they plan to have a sleepover on Friday night (and stay up all night) and then we'll all go to see Bee Movie. I feel like that they will probably sleep through that!

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Sarah said...

My sides are sore from laughing and my soul is refreshed from seeing pure hearts seeking God in their lives. What a gig we've got!

And 10 year old boys? As my BABY??? How old am I, anyway?