Monday, November 26, 2007

Observations On Black Friday

Yup, you guessed it, I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I have gone int he past - I've not gone int the past - it all depends on the Deal. The Deal has to be good enough and what I want. I do not shop on Black Friday - I buy. That being said......

  • I saw two ladies that told us all they were up from last night - they had had plenty to drink on Thanksgiving.

  • Never go into the Shoe Carnival at 6:00 am. They just love to use that microphone - even at 6:00.

  • I was amazed that every one was talking on their cell phone! who are you calling at 6:20? Are they happy you're waking them up?!

  • The streets were empty - except for the snow - and when I got to the mall, at 5:20am, the parking lot was full. I had to laugh out loud.

  • The retail associates were very nice - except the guy who was yawning so big I could see his uvula. EWWWW!


soul and culture said...

uvula. now that's not a word you see on a blog every day.

only thing I bought on Black Friday was a Christmas Tree at the Depot for my Dad. Also, not SHOPPING, but BUYING...

off to the Depot to get my own tree now.

and I need any Christmas party food ideas you want to throw at me. keep in mind it is on a Friday night, and I'll have to work most of the day...

Tammy M. said...

Two women tipsy from the night before, probably had too many margarita's, decided to stay awake all night to be ready for the 4am call at Kohl's and other various stores. Then at 6am they head to the Shoe Carnival where the sales on spiky heals is tremendous for the family shoppers the day after Thanksgiving. They try on their new shoes only to be accosted by a man with an extremely large uvula yelling into a microphone, it was all they could take...they left the store deciding to walk home in the snow as it was so refreshing. They laughed all the way, because this was one Black Friday they would not soon forget, atleast until they fell asleep. Then they might think they dreamed the whole thing until they see on their feet the plastic 3 inch heals which also by the way catch their husband's eye.

Anonymous said...

We did what little Christmas shopping we were going to do a couple of weekends ago and got it all done. In 70 degree weather, not snow!

That being said, glad you experienced Black Friday and survived!

Much love,

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles