Sunday, November 04, 2007

Give Me More!

I'm working on my talk for next weekend and I need yall's help. The Coffee Group will be speaking somewhere in central Texas and the Proverbs 31 Woman is our topic. I'll be speaking on Proverbs 31:20 -

She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy.

So here what I need from yall: Examples. Stories. I have a notoriously short memory and I need some stories of kindness. Either kindness that you have extended or kindness that has been extended to you. I will not use your name if that is stopping you. I will not judge you that you have too much pride if you tell me something wonderful that you did. I love you all and need some personal stories!
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Sarah said...

We had lived in this town 8 months and been members of our congregation for 5 when our house flooded. People we barely knew helped us rip out carpet and salvage our belongings on day one. On day two friends from our former congregation picked up our children and took them to stay with friends in another town for the week. On day four, more people from our new congregation -- many of whom I didn't know their name -- helped us rip out sheetrock and move our belongings into the garage to get ready for reconstruction. Considering our lawn mower was drowned, they also mowed our yard. People brought boxes. People brought food. People brought cleaning supplies. People prayed with us and for us. People housed us. Other people offered to house us. It was amazing.

The next year Troy's mom was sick and died while our vehicle was also quite ill. People let us drive their cars. People prayed with us and for us. People housed us when we traveled to see her. Other people offered to house us. People gave us large sums of money to aid in our travel expenses and vehicle repairs.

The next year our marriage collapsed and when I look at the friends that carried me through that time I am overwhelmed with tears. People fed us and loved on our children and cleaned our house and cared for us all over again, while, of course, praying with us and for us.

Obviously, it was a horrible few years, but it allowed God to show me in mighty ways how some very "little" things can be huge to the recipient.

Roxanne said...

I did not have the three years of hellaciousness that Sarah did, so I can only offer anecdotes rather than novels. Below is one I blogged about.

I have also been very blessed with several older friends--church friend, peers' parents, friends' relatives, my own family members--who have taken an interest in and befriended me.

Stephanie said...

There is this girl (woman... she's my age.) who has an inspirational calendar, and whenever the day's quote or verse alludes to or speaks directly about creativity, she writes it down and brings it to me, out of the blue, expectantly.

This is food for the heart and soul, and always makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Kyle had just quit his job and rented office space for his new business when his mom was killed. We were in Abilene for a couple of weeks and were back and forth for several months after that. Kyle's business dwindled to practically nothing so we were immediately in debt. The women of the Rich-Tone Chorus, my Sweet Adeline group, collected enough money to equal a month's salary (mine, not his).

This happens at work all of the time, too. People get hurt or sick and there are raffles or bake sales or just collections. Co-workers also donate their vacation days.

Ann F

Stephanie said...

I meant to write UNexpectantly - but the spell check caught it, and I unwittingly picked the word... I guess "unexpectantly" isn't a real word. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Denise -

I'm too late to give you any stories (I think), but wanted to check in with you.

Tom and I are driving out to Abilene the week of Thanksgiving to visit my mom. I don't think we'll be there long enough for you and Tammy and I to get together, but I'll be thinking about you guys.

Pray for us, if you would, that we have a safe trip.


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