Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Small Town Livin'

Today I was working at one of the elementary schools with our PALS from Cooper High - what a sweet sight! Seeing those Bigs (high school students) and Littles (usually 4th graders) together will restore your faith in "today's youth." I know that they may not be making wise choices on Friday night, but on Wednesday they are reaching out to Little's that need a friend.

Anyhoo, their teacher is Shawna. I enjoyed visiting with her on two previous occasions and, Lord knows, we will be together on many a Wednesday this year. Today she told me that she had figured out how we knew each other....... Bear in mind, she didn't ring any bells for me - complete stranger.

She reads my blog.

Freaky feeling - we have now established that she knows alot more about me than I do about her! She is an English teacher so I'm sure she notices all my horrible grammar errors and it was a little weird for a moment (for me anyway.)

You just never know......


Shawna said...

Don't worry- I NEVER check grammar after 3:30!:):):)

I am looking forward to lots of fun Wednesdays!!!

Troy M. Stirman said...

Denise- I have LOTS of red pens in my office that you are welcome to! (Not that you actually need them...)



jessica said...

That's funny! I have several students in my dual-credit who are working with pals... They are good kids!