Friday, November 16, 2007

To God Be The Glory

When I asked for stories of kindness last week, I loved your answers! I especially loved that Stephanie told about a lady at her work that would bring her a calender page that she thought Stephanie would like. It just shows how little it takes to make an impression.

I got this one though email - again, nobody I thought read my blog. This is a simple thing that not any of her friends saw her do - it was done to God's glory.

I was shopping at HEB, which I rarely do, but it was close and on the way home this day. I got all that I needed in my giant cart and headed for the crowded check out lines. It was almost my turn when I just happened to notice the lady in front of me. She was middle aged, looked tired and weary. Her two daughters were eagerly putting their groceries in the sacks and then back into the cart. That's when I noticed that she had the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University envelope booklet. My heart smiled as I remembered using them too. The checker finally got all through with the checking, and this look of utter despair came across the woman's face: She didn't quite have enough! By this time, I had taken all of my items out of the cart and put them on the belt to check out. The lady in front of me carefully chose a few items that she could put back; still not enough. Then she reached for the gallon of milk. That is when I couldn't take it anymore. I had more than enough money to buy what I thought I needed, and this lady only needed a few more dollars. I looked at the checker and asked how much more she needed, it was less than $5.00. I handed the checker the $5.00 bill that I had been saving and told her to give the change to the woman. She thanked me and said how much she appreciated it. Then went on her way. The checker said she had never seen anyone do something like that for someone else. I just smiled and was glad that I could help someone that needed it.


Tammy M. said...

I am glad for this story. It makes my heart warm.

Stephanie said...

No it really doesn't take much :) If it comes from the heart, it reaches the heart.

Roxanne said...

I had the same thing happen one time. . .there was a young guy in front of me--20 something. He had lots of canned vegetables along with some donuts, a frozen pizza, and some cigarettes. He put back the cigarettes, then the donuts, then the pizza but still didn't have enough. I told him to put the donuts back on the belt and I'd buy him those AND the pizza--but not the cigarettes. :)