Monday, October 02, 2006

Just 15 Days

I mentioned the other day that I always liked to have a project to work on and I'm currently without. Blog writing usually doesn't count - it's so easy. It doesn't require too much thought (you're all thinking "Yeah, I've noticed.) So when I read that my old buddy, Amy, was embarking on 15 Days of Creativity - I decided to join up!

I'm not as artsy/crafty as Amy so I've changed up my personal challenge a little. I'm committing to work on a creative project for 30 minutes daily for the next 15 days. I'm excited about picking up my sewing again. I'm ready to see something come from my hands. I'm looking forward to writing something for the Coffee Group site. Maybe I'll try something new! Take some photographs, do some bead thingies at Friendize, try a new cooking technique, plant some flowers - anything to spark some creative juices!

I challenge you to try something creative! Make your own commitment in your own way. I challenge you to post in the comment section for accountability on your commitment (were you listening to Phil yesterday?)


Marcelain Photography Blog said...

I read her post and thought also what a great idea. I might do something like it and bring the kids into it.

Sarah said...

YES, I was listening to Phil -- FINALLY! Be strong!

But at this stage of my life, accountability friend, I think 15 days of brushing my hair on a regular basis or 15 days of picking up all the shoes I leave around or 15 days of consistently reading my Bible would be far more beneficial to the peace in my home than 15 days of creativity. Not that I'm not tempted!! I'm just not in that spot. Maybe after I see all of your 15 days' projects I will be inspired -- or maybe I will continue to see that I'm blogging while I have the dirtiest kitchen floor in any developed country. Just a thought.

Tammy M. said...

Sophie and I had about an hour of creativity last night as we worked on her disney scrapbook.