Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye

Now, on to the Homecoming Football game! this is Abbie in the 3rd quarter - she fell asleep. All that back patting at YCW came in handy!
I'm not sure about this smile. I've said before that Kenny is fascinated by all things Asian - maybe this is an attempt to get some Chinese food. I've given up on trying to match his clothing. It's a free-for-all!

Here's Abbie with Joel. Joel came to visit for Homecoming and Doc Dubose's retirement celebration. Joel was Jim's roommate in college and the Best Man at our wedding. Kenny's middle name is Joel in his honor (and the minor prophet in the Bible!)

Other Interesting Stuff From the Game -

  • It's the most integrated function in Abilene. There were more black faces there than any other place I go in town. I hope that doesn't sound racist - it was interesting.
  • It was packed but I didn't see a sea of purple. Any game on TV has a sea of color - not this one.
  • Where were the shakers??!! Again, most college games (well, SEC) have TONS of shakers! Not so here there were just a few. Also, for future reference, shakers go back and forth, back and forth, not side to side.
  • The Big Purple (band) did a spy theme ( Kenny named it) and my kids loved it. The funniest thing was the flags. On the Mission Impossible theme, the flag girls struck poses like with guns. They all ended up on the ground (except the girl in the middle - what was her story?) The funny thing is they have a guy who spins (twirl is inappropriate) a flag and he stood with his arms crossed the entire time. He looked happy when everybody else went to the ground so he could, too.
  • Overheard spoken by loud girl: "He's like 80. Really old. I'm thinking 29."
  • Also overheard spoken by loud girl: "My neighbor is a real cowboy. You know, with a handlebar mustache and everything. But he looks really old from riding horses and everything." She was sitting next to Joel - big mustache and Wranglers.
  • ACU won. All the people around us kept talking about when they were in school and ACU never won and they never went to the games. GO CATS!


Anonymous said...

Wow Denise..that was so racist. KIDDING Looks like y'all had fun. I don't know why we don't ever think to go to ACU Homecoming. My hubby DID graduate from there...and we are still paying them ALOT of money every month, so why not go cheer them on, right?! haha

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

I would have loved it. I went to USM (University of Southern Mississippi) at the same time Brett Favre went so that's MY claim to fame. (Okay, you have to be into professional football. As in the Green Bay Packers. You know . . . Brett Favre, quarterback.. . . .Never mind).

Sounds like a great weekend.

Who won? Or were any of you watching?

(Just asking . . . give me a break!!)

cheers! Dee