Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's In The Bag

Which is worse?
a) Going to the grocery store?
b) Paying at the grocery store?
c) Taking the groceries into the house?

Hard to decide?


Sarah said...

EASY! The answer is c). You have already done a) and b), you are doing manual labor, AND you realize what it is that you forgot that will necessitate a repeat of a),b),and c).

yvonne said...

I agree with Sarah. Putting them up is the worst. Yuck.

soul and culture said...

C. Hands down.

Anonymous said...

B - Paying - Very, very painful

Melene said...

Sarah hit the nail on the head.....I think it's great how the local grocery stores will put the bags in the car for you-like they do at the commissary on the military bases-but you have to tip them! But every time they do, I think, would you now ride home with me and put all of this away?

Anonymous said...

I have to be the oddball. I hate GOING to the store. The shopping part. I shop at Walmart..need I say more?! The prices are great, that is why I endure that torture. It just stresses me out...its alway busy, and the isles are crowded..I get claustrophobic...and people start irritating me. haha The paying hurts me too, but I don't consider that HARD. Then once I get home..the hubby brings them all in..and I sorta like putting them away for some reason. I just like seeing the fridge & cabinets full...its a good feeling for some reason. haha Strange I know. So yep...A) for me...most definately!!

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Hi, Denise!

I hate ALL 3 so put it off and off and off until we have hardly any food in the house! Just this morning I had to run out - in the rain - to get milk so I could have my first cup of coffee of the day to get going. Bummer.

But if I had to pick the worst - it's C. All of your commenters have good observations about all of it, too. Although, I have to say that shopping for groceries in Abilene is a breeze compared to around here. e get big taxes on food(!) on top of state income taxes and groceries aren't cheap to begin with, so it's costly as well as everything else.

Plus I LOVE the United there up on Judge Ely and north 10th where my mom shops! It's handy and has tons of stuff I can't get here. Really a nice store and I never see it very crowded when we go.

Y'all are lucky to have such a good selection there and good prices. Much less expensive than here.