Saturday, October 07, 2006

Goodnight Ladies

Back when I had my 2nd child, I was determined to have a co-sleeper. Number 1 had slept between Jim and I for 5 months and I really didn't want to roll over on this one. I thought I would sleep better if #2 wasn't in bed with us. So we got a co-sleeper and it was cool! I could nurse her and roll, put her in her own space and not worry about smothering her! I was very happy for a (short) while.

Kenny was quiet in bed with us and moved very little. Abbie, on the other hand, made all kinds of noises! It took very little of these noises to wake me up. I believe that if the Mommy is sleeping - the baby can be anywhere. In Mommy's bed, in baby's crib, on Daddy's chest - whatever works for your family. Well, I wasn't sleeping!

It wasn't long until the sweet baby went in her own crib (across the house) and her monitor had to be turned down L-O-W. When we moved here, Abbie was 16 months and I had to put her monitor outside her door or the noise would keep me awake.

Conclusion: Abbie is a noisy sleeper.

Now come to today - Abbie is 4 and sleeps in her bed with her door closed. She is afraid of the dark and has her closet light on and the door open. It works for our family for now. But lately ( you knew this was coming) she has been coming in our room at night. She has a pallet on the floor and she can just lie down if she likes. She talks. It wakes me up. Last night, after throwing up 3 or 4 times, Jim put her on her pallet. It was fine. She went right to sleep with her dishpan (that thing they give you in the hospital along with the cheap water pitcher) by her side. About 4:30 she screamed/yelled in her sleep, I sat straight up and yelled, too. It didn't wake her up but Jim rolled over. I'm trying to accept this as a small thing.

Conclusion: Abbie isn't ready for any sleep-overs.


Do people say "pallet" anymore? Do you say "pallet?" Did your grandma?


Sarah said...

I say pallet, but I think I'm the only one.

I'm pretty sure people question my mothering skills because I NEVER had my kids sleep with me. I simply need my sleep too very much. My first was my noisy sleeper, and my second was such a screamer I really needed to be away from him and get real sleep to gird my loins for another day of screaming. The co-sleeper thing looked like a great idea, but wouldn't have worked in our house at the time.

Anyway -- I don't think kids notice the "noisy sleepers" as much as the mommies do!

Anonymous said...

Cameron is a very noisy sleeper as well. She is also an active sleeper...she sleeps in about 100 different positions throughout the night. She slept in bed with us for quite a while when she was little, but never anymore. I just can't sleep w/ her. She doesn't mind though, she doesn't seem to have any desire to sleep w/ us anymore anyways. Dylan on the other hand, loves our bed. I used to love sleeping with him too, but not anymore. He's a snuggler...he's quiet, but likes to sleep RIGHT up next to me. Which means I don't sleep good. I wake up with every inch of my body hurting & stiff. Not good. So he's kicked out of our room too. Oh, and I also say pallet. We lay out sleeping bags in our room for "special" nights that the kids get to hang out in our room. They love that. And it keeps them out of my bed.

Oh...and a helpful hint...because you seem to be a fairly light sleeper like I am. I run a loud fan (not the ceiling one) every night in our room. I can't sleep w/out it. Otherwise I hear every little noise & wake up several times a night. Its a life saver for me. I have a portable one that I bring on trips...because I'm so addicted to it. =)

soul and culture said...

Pallet? Oh, yeah. As in, "We made her a pallet on the floor." Yep. What else would you call it?

Robyn said...

I still say pallet--yes my grandmother uses that term!

Anonymous said...

Macy has recently discovered the beauty of the pallet and she LOVES it. When we went Colorado, she slept on one for the first time. I use the term "slept" very lightly because she did end up in bed with us, but i see many pallets in her future!


yvonne said...

I still call them pallets! My "MoMo" made the best ones! Emily sneeks into my bed sometimes and I don't know until I try to turn over and she is right under me. This too shall pass one day.
Let me know if you want to come over and take a nap! I'll make sure it's quiet!

Anthony Parker said...

Yeah, we grew up sleeping on pallets. Sometimes my parents would play Rook with friends and we would just make a pallet and stay all night. But usually, the evening drew to a close like this:
"Ya'll just stay all night. We'll make a pallet on the floor."
"We can't (pronounced "kaynt"). Ya'll come home with us."
"We'd better stay here. Ya'll be careful."

Denise W. said...

Okay, "Yall come home with us" made me laugh out loud! How many times did I hear that growing up? Thousands?

I love being from the South!

Christine said...

Yup, kids are all different. Our first never wakes up. He sleeps like a log. We can't even wake him up to show him the full moom or something. Our dd is the lightest sleeper, still occasionally comes in our room. Jury is still out on #3!