Sunday, October 01, 2006

How Beautiful

Last night was one of the sweetest weddings EVER! Jamie and Geoff Carroll are now married and they have truly dedicated themselves to the Lord. They have both been in Israel for Hebrew school (grad school?) and the wedding itself had some interesting Hebrew traditions included in it. I won't go into those here - just ask me when we have time.

I really wanted to tell yall about the purity rings. Both dads did the ceremony and first Jamie's dad talked about the purity ring that her parents had given her. How they had taken her out and given her this ring as a symbol of her promise to purity. Then the dad gave the ring to Geoff. I was so teary. Then Geoff's dad (Mr. Donnie our children's minister) talked about he and Lisa taking Geoff out and giving him a purity ring to remind him of HIS promise to remain pure for his future wife. Then Donnie gave Jamie Geoff's ring. Such a beautiful symbol of commitment to God and their future lives.

What a powerful testimony for all of us (me first) to raise our children with God at the center of their lives. To not bow to the world's view of normal and "okay." To seek God first and to follow His path for their lives.

Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. Psm. 34:11


This photograph was taken by my very talented friend, Tammy Marcelian and I lifted it off her Photography Blog. Maybe that wasn't nice :-)


Tammy M. said...

You can lift my pictures just spell my name right!
Marcelain! That's what friends are for, to keep you humble.

Sarah said...

Marcelain, DUH! (Just a little more help on that humility thing! :-)

Loved the wedding, loved the purity rings but, you know ... I had to think, "That ship has SAILED! Yeah, like, probably to Fiji by now."

Denise W. said...

Note: Sarah is quoting Gilmore Girls. That is Rory talking - it in no way is a commentary on the Geoff and Jamie!