Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Reading is Fundamental, Part Dios

Big Mama says "Thanks for the blog love." She needs to know there are at least 15 people out there who really care!

I have been confronted with the idea that no one cares what happens in my life. On CBS's Sunday Morning they did a report on blogging. No one wants to read about your cat - so they say. Well, I don't have a cat but I do have a rather boring life. Maybe you're reading because you just can't look away....
I've read my fiction and non-fiction in my continuing effort to improve myself. First, I read The Devil Wears Prada. This was a re-read for me - I wanted to read it again before the movie came out. This is really a funny book and if makes me laugh out loud in places. I've read a few reviews since the movie came out and it's not well-liked. Yes, the main character has no spine but I felt she was brain-washed into believing it was the only way to get along at her job. I know there have been jobs (and bosses) that I have suffered though thinking, "it's only a little bit longer." The book does have some adult language and drinking. Our main character doesn't have any time for any other inappropriate behaviors. Enjoyable read.
I then did see the movie ( with other chicks) and it's definitely a chick flick. The clothes are great and the main character actually gets a little something from her boss at the end.
Non-fiction. Tough one. I tried to make it though spme other book and, no, it didn't happen. The language was just too difficult. So, Singular Intimacies Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue by Danielle Ofri. This was recommended by a RN and the bloodiness didn't seem to bother her. There were parts that made me a little queasy.
"It was the only object in the room that wasn't stainless steel. When he pressed
a lever, there was a low buzzing sound and a trail of smoke wormed its way up
out of her belly. The acrid smell of singed flesh seeped into the air and the bleeding ceased."
That part was a little rough. This is a book of essays about the author's internship and residentacy and how it turned her into a doctor. It's nice to know that there are Drs. out there that struggle to learn their way. It was also good to learn to NEVER got to a teaching hospital in the month of July. I found the essays regarding death very compelling. I'll be writing more about that later. We all need to consider how we want to go onto be with the Lord. The writing is very good - read it!


Sarah said...

Love your book recommendations -- you're such a literate! :-)

When we lived in Temple, where Scott and White is a HUGE teaching hospital for A&M, EVERYONE knew to schedule your pregnancy to NOT have a July baby for that very reason. And, if you ever found yourself in the ER in July, keep demanding more experience!

Disciple Quilldancer said...

Denise, I read your blog because you ARE an ordinary person. I read an article the other day that said the ordinary person is too busy to make friends these days. (I wonder, if they don't have friends, what are they busy DOING?)

Perhaps reading and sharing blogs is a way of those of us who do seek friends to find each other.

Tammy M. said...

The world is made up of ordinary people, living somewhere from unextroidanary to extra-extroidanary lives, sometimes the scale changes through the day. Glad to be reading about your life, I love that we see each other throughout the week, but I learn still more from reading. Blessings.

Anne Jones said...

I have to tell you this funny story on Natalie. I am trying to encourage her to "read" more. Today she comes to me with a big book and explains to me that this is "my bathroom book. This is the one I read when I am going potty. That is what you are supposed to do."

Whatever it takes to get her to read, right? :)

jessica said...

I enjoy blogs because it helps me see that I am not the only person struggling to get through life!

I admire your reading prowess... I have started two books... both of them silly fiction... and haven't made it past ch 1! I have 4 weeks left of summer... gotta start reading!