Thursday, July 20, 2006

1956, A Very Good Year

Here are some of the cousins from my parent's 50th Anniversary Party. This is Steven, Abbie and Robert.
Here's Candace (behind the centerpiece,) Steven, Abbie, Robert, David and Kenny.

My parents celebrated 50 years on July 14 and we had a party on July 15. The grandkids dressed up in 50's style clothes and Kenny even got a flat-top. Both of the girls had on poodle skirts and looked so cute! You can't tell much from the pictures but the room was decorated nicely, too. We had mounted old pictures on the trellis and that was the most fun for us - talking about all the old pictures. One of the church members had created a CD-ROM with pictures that ran continuously and there was 50's music (but no dancing, of course!) I think my parents really enjoyed it - that made it all worthwhile.


Tammy M. said...

Fun. Looks like you all worked hard, and glad that everyone had a great time. 50 years is definately something to celebrate.

Sarah said...

In this picture only -- Kenny looks just a little like Biff from Back to the Future! :-) And Abbie looks like she may think as much of Robert as she does Uncle Billy, if that's possible. It looks like it was so much fun! More pics! More pics!