Sunday, July 30, 2006

Big Doins!

I've been waiting for awhile to give this announcement - there's a new speaking ministry in town! Yep, that's my Coffee Group. Some of us have been led to put ourselves "out there" and we're freaked out about it! We have booked Southern Hills for a Sneak Perk and we'll be speaking at ACU Lectureship in September!

Check out the site and come to either event. This is your personal invitation for Southern Hills on Tuesday, August 22. We'll have de-cafe at 6:45 and begin at 7:00.

Please feel free to ask any questions - I'm too excited to put everything in this post! Please pray for us and this ministry!


Anna said...

Awesome!! I'm so excited for you!

Anne Jones said...

I'll be there if it is at all possible!

Praying for you all :)

Steve Duer said...


That sounds wonderful. BTW - The link to your article is not working. Otherwise I might brag on your article which might cause you the sin of pride. So maybe it was a good thing it was dead :)

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Denise -

I'm at your Sunday post about your Coffee Group and I've just read all of your CG webpages and find it very interesting and most impressive, for sure. I'm not quite sure what all exactly you young ladies are up to with it, yet, but maybe then you all don't know for sure, either.

I, for one, would like to see some details on your website about what exactly y'all are trying to do, who you're reaching out to, when (I saw you've got a date set for Aug. 22 for a Sneak Perk, but am not really sure what that is going to be about, either) and how often (as in - do you all have regular meetings with each other? with others, too? When and where?).

Do I sound like a journalist or something here, do you suppose, trying to interview you?

I'm really disappointed that I couldn't access y'all's articles, except for Donna's. I hope whoever is doing your website can fix that problem speedily, because I'd like to read the rest of them.

Do you plan (are you planning) to have an online forum of any kind at your Coffee Group website, or is this going to be strictly a one on one (five on one?) type ministry? Just wondering.

Can I be a long distance member, you think? You know - like an "honorary" (or maybe just ornery) member of your group? It sounds like a lot of fun and something I would really enjoy being a part of. Maybe I can be an honorary member during those times I have the chance to visit in Abilene, hunh?

Well - good luck with the venture and I'll be praying for you all that it goes well. Let me know if I can do anything to help you out with anything. At least get together with you all and enjoy some coffee together like we were planning to do last week till chaos took over.

BTW - I'm an iced coffee with sweetener, dash of non-fat milk, bigger dash of whole milk. For the record.

Cheers! Dee