Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

Well, we're finally home from Alabama!! I hadn't told EVERYONE we were going just for safety. So..... if you've been checking here wondering "Where is Denise?!" I'm back. I shamelessly passed out my blog address in an attempt to increase my readership so maybe I'll have some new comments! There is so much to tell and write about it will take me several posts - be prepared or be afraid.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize you were gone! Was I one of the ones you purposefully didn't tell? You didn't want me breaking into your house or what?? Just kidding. Welcome back, hope you had fun! We're going camping this weekend. Are we crazy attempting that in 106 degree heat? I'd say yes. The hubby says no. We'll see.

Tammy M. said...

Welcome home. I hope you enjoyed our welcome home card we left you.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Welcome home! Maybe we can meet in Abilene. I'm flying out in the morning to go visit my mom and will be blogging from there.

You'll have to read my latest 3 blog posts to catch up with all the medical emergencies we've been dealing with and the outcomes.

Later. Dee

soul and culture said...

Can't wait for the stories. I'm wondering if they involve:
a) a tube top
b) a toilet sitting on the side of the road
c) cutoffs at the pool
d) some NASCAR or Crazy Bill's element
e) King James.

Sarah said...

Missed you!! We've left an empty chair for you at the pool in your honor. Okay, not really, but we did talk about you -- and most of it was good! :-) KIDDING! But we did miss you!

Anne Jones said...

Welcome Back Kotter...I mean Denise! :)

Glad to see you tonight...the scriptures are ready to be hung up in our classroom Sunday morning! Hope you like them!

QuillDancer said...

How fun! And congratulations to your parents.