Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Friendly Advice

Mom: Abbie, I have to go to the bathroom. Do you need to go?

Abbie: Just go in the pool. I do it all the time.

Mom: Abbie, we tinkle in the potty! Not in the pool!

Abbie: But I have on my swimsuit. (Apparently her swimsuit has magical properties.) It's not poopy. (Thank goodness)

Mom: We DON'T potty in the pool! Not pee-pee or poopy. Do you need to go now?

Abbie: No.

Always keep your mouth shut in the pool.


Anne Jones said...

That is just one of those things that you know happens all of the time, but you prefer not to think about as you are swimming! (or any other time!:))

Happy Swimming!

jessica said...

Jenny Oglesby called it "tinkle water" the other day... she said she tries not to think about it... I think I will do the same.

nathaniel said...

Sign seen at Pool:

"This is our ool please notice there is no P in it. Let's keep it that way"

Holli said...

We have an above ground pool in the backyard which is wonderful in the summer. However, we tell the kids' friends that we add a chemical to it so that if someone does "go" it will turn purple & will tell us who the culprit is. Some of the kids believe us, some don't, but we have noticed that they do come in to use the restroom. :-)