Monday, July 31, 2006

Abbie's Hair Present

Well, it finally happened. Abbie took scissors to her hair. Mom didn't have a cow but it was close. She always tells me she wants hair like Keaton (on the right in the picture) and I even had it cut once. I always wanted her to have LONG hair. You know, like all the other girls I envied growing up.

Here she is getting just what she wanted..... A haircut.

This is the cute cut now. It looks adorable. She doesn't look like a boy and they didn't have to layer everything. On her right side, there's still a weird chunk out of it but, she can have hairbows and barrettes.

Aren't we all striving for our children to have the things we never had. LONG hair isn't such a big thing, right? I want her to throw a ball, too.


Sarah said...

When Ashley had those GORGEOUS curls when she was little we talked A LOT about never, never, never using scissors on your own hair. The great thing is no permanent damage is done, while a lesson is learned. My friend Denise always says, "she'll only do that once." There you go.

Tammy M. said...

I think that she looks so cute. I love short hair on little girls. (And big girls too!) The woman waiting in the background sitting in the chair in the after picture, looks like my cousin Michael's wife, Karen, was she there?

Anne Jones said...

Well, I have to admit, my heart lurched into my throat when I first started reading! I fear Natalie will have the same inspired thought to cut her own hair one day, and I hope I handle it as well as you did! But as I kept reading, her haircut is absolutely adorable! I love it!!

Natalie has been begging to go to "Cools" and get her hair cut in a car! We have a coupon so maybe soon I can take her :)

A cute haircut for a cutie pie, Abbie!

Nicole said...

Well I think she looks precious! You know I got my girls hair cut this summer and they turned out pretty cute. I am a long hair lover like you though. Them liking it is what matters really. It's JUST hair!

holly said...

Ally's has not only cut her hair twice she has cut Samantha's hair. Tell Kenny to consider himself lucky!

Steve Duer said...

Hey Denise, be careful what you wish for, who knows, maybe Kenny will decide to grow his hair out and be the one with the long hair.

Grace is growing her's out for locks of love. Grace as you remember has always had longer hair but up until recently, she wouldn't let Shannon play with it. Now they have the Sunday morning ritual with the curling iron.

judy said...

I was always afraid Lori would cut her hair. I told her she couldn't use scissors until she was 5 years old and in school. She couldn't wait to be five. Her dream was to wear roll-on deodorant and cut with scissors. It was a great day!