Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As A Matter Of Fact I Do Own The Road

Yesterday, after griping about how horrible dropping off/picking up the kids at school is, I felt empowered. Empowered to tell these yahoos that they aren't entitled to drive wherever they want! Empowered to move some one's car that leaves it double-parked while they go into the school! Empowered to give a beep when some stops in the middle of everything to drop off!

This morning I gave a little double beep. Yeah, they deserved it! Everybody is trying to drop off not just them!!

After that I felt pretty good. I felt empowered to give another beep if necessary. That's right! Give another Beep!

I came home and rode my bike to Nelson Park. Now, I don't like all the geese and ducks. I'm kinda afraid of them - especially the Canadian Geese - those birds can be mean! And, in the morning time, all the geese and ducks are waking up and moving from wherever they slept back into the lake.

Aside: Where I come from that is a pond, yall. It's a big pond, but still a pond.

This morning there were 10 large geese - both white and Canadian - with their babies working their way across the track to the pond. They were in no hurry. This time I didn't have a horn so I somewhat loudly said, "Beep. Beep. Beep, yall. Come on, yall. Get your babies. Beep." You get the idea.

They made their way across the trail. I waited patiently. All the babies went with the parents.

None of them spit at me or honked at me. I figure that's what going to happen one day in the drop off line at school......


Sarah said...

I have totally given up the fight to educate/ right drop-off/pick-up. Please pick up the gauntlet and carry on, soldier. It's too big of a job for me.

I am SO buying you a little bulb horn for your bicycle.

Allison Connor said...

Thank you for your correct definition of pond...who thinks that could actually be a lake??? More power to you in the drop off pick up line!`

not-so-deep Denise said...

Jim says that a if I had a horn they might think it's a mating call. Yikes.