Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wanted: Fluffy

I'm trying to read some lite, fluffy stuff while I await Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Have you heard there's a new book coming out?) I don't want anything that can't be finished by midnight Friday night so I'm choosing according.

I picked up the Nanny Diaries thinking that would fall into the "fluff" category - funny, not too deep. I was wrong. I'm recommending this to every young woman I come across (or her mama.) It's all about a young woman (21) who is completely taken advantage of by her employer. She's trying to make every happy. She wants everybody to get along. She wants her employer to step up and be honest. Sound familiar to anybody? Your first job, maybe?

Our main character, Nan, never gets up the nerve to confront her employer. Her mom and dad try to get her to be up-front with her employer about working conditions but she's afraid of making somebody mad. She's afraid of losing her job. So Nan worries about it constantly and obsesses with her family and friends.

A great read to discuss with a young girl. To talk with her about standing up to injustice. About knowing when to confront or even how to gently question a request/demand.

According to my counter we only have 3 more days!


Megs said...

this is like the best day of my life, well not really but close, I and finished with my internship and the last Harry Potter Book comes out at midnight, but i STILL have not seen the movie I am dieing to see it just had not have the time to go but I will see that soon, Can not wait for tonight!

Stephanie said...

ooooh! only 2 hours and 45 minutes to go!