Monday, July 16, 2007

He Isn't That Old, Is He?

We dropped off Kenny at ACU Leadership Camp yesterday. Yep, I left my baby in the care of someone I met in dorm hall. A guy's dorm, no less. And this, so called, caregiver was carrying a baseball bat. Was he intending to hit my child on the head to keep him in line?! It stank like mildew, the toilet seat had some black spots on it, and my sweet first-born was in boy heaven.

We hadn't gotten to the end of the street when it hit me that I had just left my son! This kid, that I hardly let go to the other side of the store without me, was free to wander the ACU campus for 2 hours without supervision! Who knows what kind of mischief he and his roommate would get into to?! But I'm sure it's okay - they both had watches! Because telling time makes them do everything they are supposed to do, right?

I thought about him all night. I kept looking at the clock and wondering what was going on with him at that moment. At 10:50 when I was ready for bed, Jim assured me that he was in the dorm, safe.

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Anonymous said...

It's been a very long time since I sent a kid off to summer camp, but it's a traumatic event for a mom even to think about years after, so I can identify.

But, you'll survive!


soul and culture said...

Kenny goes to camp. I feel so old.

Donna Ware said...

Kenny will come home with great stories of his adventures! He will love it and next year will be easier for you--I promise!

Sarah said...

I did NOT think it smelled mildew -- I thought it smelled like tee-tee. EWWWW. And I cried. And Troy said it was just practice for leaving him at college. Which did NOT help the tears.

You haven't heard anything have you????

Anonymous said...

Talk about feeling old....It was just a few months (years) ago that Kenny was born. To add to the feeling of "old", Robert came in his own car (old, used) today and cut our grass. Pawpaw sat on the tail gate of his pickup truck and supervised. The Alabama cousins went to Camp Maywood last week. Candace for the first time. Grandchildren are a gift of God.