Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Question For The Weekend

This one comes with an explanation. In Hairspray, the main character runs into her high school teacher's lounge and all the teachers are smoking. The air is thick with smoke and we can hardly see though it!

That was my first teacher's lounge. They had just started separating the smokers from the non-smokers and, trust me, I was one of 3 non-smokers. We had a small closet. The smoker's had a large room (with a window) and it was almost impossible to walk in there!


What was your first job? Did you love it?


Sarah said...

First real-life job? Or summer job?

Summer job -- Louisiana Lifeguard! Steamy summers, miserable heat, but I got a tan, and then there was the head lifeguard!

Real job -- teaching resource/ content mastery in small town, TX. I did not love it for lots of reasons. But it paid the bills. We didn't have a smoking teacher's lounge.

Tammy M. said...

My first job was at Carvel Ice Cream store. I loved making my own money, I think I was 16yrs. old, I did not however like mopping...nothing has changed.

Anthony Parker said...

My first "job" was in elementary school (or maybe pre-school) picking cotton with my mom for Mr. Lynn Clemmons. The highlight of the day was when he would bring us Pepsi Colas and candy bars. Then he would come by later in the day and give us kids a dollar for the few bowls of cotton we had pulled.

After that it was probably going to work with my dad--they did pay me to clean up. I didn't learn much carpentry (my dad built houses), but I did learn to appreciate him for the hard days work he put in day after day for us.

After that -- Burger King, bagging groceries, Kroger deli, student work on campus at Lipscomb. First full time job was missionary apprentice in New Zealand. Yeah, I loved it.

Stephanie said...

Salad bar girl at a Grandy's - part time. I was 14 when they hired me, but turned 15 something like a couple of weeks later...

After college, my first "real-full-time-pay-my-own-bills-job" was as a loan officer at a credit union. Yes, I actually did like it - but the pay was terrible.

Lisa said...

Summer job? Cleaning the dorms on the Harding University campus. pee-you-grossy NO!!

First real job? After a long career of mothering my first real job was teaching English to a group of Chinese students at . . . Harding University. I was a little higher up the rung this time!

Oh -- and yes -- I loved it. It was really challenging but good.