Monday, January 19, 2009

Eat A Black and White Cookie Today!

Yep. It's a national holiday. My kids are out of school, my office is closed and my hubby's office is closed.

We are all celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! We remember a great man who was able to lead a disenfranchised group of people to inclusion. A segment of society that had been left behind because of bad schooling and unequal opportunities. (Sounds like the Jews, huh?)

Yall, I want to encourage a change in our attitude so our children will have a different attitude. I work to get away from the way people talked and felt when I was growing up. I'm pretty sure I've written here before about Birmingham in the 1970's and the changes that entire city was going through.

I will share one thing: When I went to college (in Arkansas,) I was still using the N word without feelings of remorse. I dated a guy (from Texas, another traditionally tolerate state) that called me on it. I'll never forget. He told me that we become prejudge when we don't really know another person from the group we are prejudge against. It changed my world view.

I since have had the opportunity to work with and enjoy the company of Black (African-American, whichever) folks. Some people of color have walked into my church. My bunco game. My service project. Knowing them has helped me grow into someone who tries to sees people as individuals - not groups.

Lastly. Do we even have Black and White cookies in Abilene? We did in Birmingham and I always thought we should adopt them as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day official food. Like turkey at Thanksgiving or chocolate on Valentine's Day.


ChristyCate said...

I think they have Black and White Cookies at!

Susan said...

Oh, girl! We have stories to tell, don't we, from Birmingham. I'm thankful my parents taught and showed me how to look at the heart, not the skin. Great post.

Anthony Parker said...

I appreciated your confession, "I work to get away from the way people talked and felt when I was growing up." I do too sometimes. It's terrible.