Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beauty School

My daughter has a uni-brow. We've always known this. At about 12 months, I (along with my hubby) attempted to wax it. It just drove me crazy! I had never waxed anything before and I didn't have the nerve to rip it off. I have since been told that I was a little over the top to worry about such a thing.

Let it be known here that Crawford women (my mom has 5 sisters) do not have uni-brows! I didn't pluck until I was an adult. And I've just recently discovered brow waxing - it's fine.

Now, Abbie came to me the other night wanting me to pluck her uni-brow. I have tried to pluck it in the past year but she wouldn't let me do it. She knows hers is a uni-brow and I didn't tell her. Someone else told her 2 years ago and she has seen it on TV. She even identifies one little girl at school as the "one with the uni-brow" (it is a serious uni-brow.)

I took off the offending hairs lickity split. I did not do her brows. I simply made her have 2 distinct brows.

She was happy with it.


Susan said...

You're a good momma!

Sarah said...

I have never noticed her eyebrows?