Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And Abbie Thanks You

Girl Scout Cookies have become my life. I don't like to sell all that junk from school but for some reason these cookies are fun to sell. Go figure.

We turned in some money today for our first batch of boxes! And I love all of you that are patiently waiting for more cookies or an order form.

Weird thing from today: I met a college student that had never eaten Girl Scout cookies! I didn't realize that was humanly possible!

Did anybody see that the folks that own Drug Emporium go to church with DeeAnne?! She's in Longview........ Small world.

Oh. Here's what happens when you don't check all your email accounts:
10 people come to your house for Praise Team practice and you are eating dinner. With clean laundry in the chair waiting to be folded. And the entire family's shoes in the floor. And a wreath still over the mantel. And a child's pillow from where they were laying on it. Oy.


Tammy M. said...

That is so funny. It is good for all these younguns to see your house in a not so perfect state. It will help them feel better about themselves and and take the burden of having to run a perfect home off their shoulders. You actually ministered to them. Good going girl. Real life = shoes all over the floor.