Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cookies, Anyone?

We're selling Girl Scout cookies now! We went to pick up 10 boxes yesterday - this is the first time they've given boxes and you take orders, too. I knew that I could sell these cookies. I knew that they would be gone but how?

First, I put it on Facebook that I would have them at church. Then I intended to open up the back of my van and sell out it. (My plan did not include counterfeit watches and purses but it did tend that way.)

Yes, I grew up that selling in the church was a no-no. But, if you review the account of the moneychangers in the Bible, the moneychangers were taking advantage of the out-of-towners. We had no intention of making any money - Abbie just wants all the "incentives."

Without too much trouble, we sold 50 boxes!! It has turned into a family affair, for sure! We had a couple of people just giving money! Thanks for that - we'll put that right to our troop.

I hope we didn't offend anybody but we're having fun!


Susan said...

You know, I don't remember any incentives when I sold Girl Scout cookies. They are delish!

Holly said...

I had about three people wanting to know where I got my cookies.

not-so-deep Denise said...

Holly, who were they!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want some! I've been sick. I'm doing much better. Have missed the past 2 Sundays. My favorites are the thin mints, but we like some of the other cookies too! Email me at Save me some, please. Donna Altman

Allison Connor said...

Are you bringing them to bunco?? I would love to buy/order then! let me know.