Monday, May 05, 2008

Two Things

Firstly, I lost my glasses last week. We looked all over the house for them! We looked in all the logical places - my desk, my bathroom, my bedside table. Then we (Jim) looked in all the illogical places - the refrigerator, the car, the freezer, the laundry room.

They were just gone. I was so disappointed! I couldn't read the paper, my book, do a puzzle and what I wrote for my talk was basically a blur.

I went the next morning to buy some new glasses at the Wal-Mart. They sell a pair for $7.98 that I like and they seem to last. Until I lose them. So I got some just like before - it's all good.

It was that afternoon that I found my other glasses. Now I have two pair just alike - except the new ones have a scratch on them. Whatever.

Secondly, I haven't posted about my "other" new blog. Yes, we have a Coffee Group blog - Espresso His Love. There are some things to read and soon there will be more! Go check it out and then add it to your Bloglines! You never know what will be there.....