Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Got Here As Fast As I Could...

Jim and I went to the Mesquite Rodeo this weekend and it was so much fun! Are there really people who don't like the rodeo? Yeah, it's violent (so is every other sport) and, yeah, they "use" animals.... Whatever. I do like me some rodeo.

Have you seen a cowboy in starched Wranglers and a white shirt? That's all I'm sayin'.

Well, while we were there the people who weren't from Texas were asked to stand. I remained seated. I then thought maybe I was from Alabama - I mean, I am from Alabama. I'm a girl from the true Deep South. I still remained seated. Jim told me to stay seated. Jim should know - he a Native Texan - born and raised! Did I get my citizenship when I married a Native?

While debating, the announcer had all the Texans stand (I stood) and turn to the (poor, sad, uneducated) outsiders and say, "Howdy! Welcome to God's country!"

I suppose when I can say that - I really will be a Texan.


Sarah said...

Um, I get to see cowboys in Wranglers and don't have to watch them torture the genitals of an animal. The cowboys in Wranglers I'm all about -- I could leave the rodeo all the same.

I'm definitely Texan -- by the grace of God, I think I'm supposed to say.

Amber Joy said...

Where did the cellphone charger post go? I laughed my head off!

Roxanne said...

I actually like the rodeo, and live a town with a HUGE one, but don't get to go. I get my Wrangler fix over at Pioneer Woman's, but my own Texan that lives in my house does not dissapoint. . .and he wore his boots to school for me the other day. At one point we were walking down the hall at the same time during the day. This NEVER happens as we teach two different grades and are on completely different schedules. He smiled, waved, then turned a corner--I was still down the hall a bit (it was empty during 4th period). Just then, I see this black boot come out from behind the corner and sort of circle around in the manner of a French maid. I laughed until I couldn't breathe.

And, no matter how long we live in the state, and no matter WHAT we say, we are NOT "real" Texans. . .not even Sarah. We are SOUTHERN for sure--but we are not Texans. And our husbands will be the very first to tell us that seeing as how they ARE "real" Texans. And let me point OUT at this time, that none of them MARRIED Texans, now did they?