Sunday, April 06, 2008

Big Doins

So, I've been traveling again with my peeps - the Coffee Group. We went down to A&M Church to present at their Ladies Day! It was a great day. They just loved on one another and laughed their heads off. We had a wonderful time just being with them.

While we were there we decided to start a Coffee Group blog. I know what you're thinking, "You never write on this blog! When will you write on another one?!" (Yes, I can read your minds....) Yeah, I don't know yet. It will be easy after we travel - there are several stories I don't want to forget.... Now, writing something appropriate past that; we'll just see.

My other big news is my hormones. TMI? If you get emails from Sarah, you've already been prompted to nag me into seeing the doctor. Thank you. I called. I'm waiting. I'll be proactive in trying to move my appointment up early next week.

Hormones make women feel things. Mine made me feel like I was having a nervous breakdown. Fun, huh?

I'll link you over to the new blog as soon as it's ready and I'm going to see the doctor.


Sarah said...

Hello? Blog is ready? It ain't be-yoo-ti-full YET, but it's functioning! What are we waiting for?

Come see us!!

Oh -- and continue to nag Denise to go to the doctor. Seriously, she really likes it! It shows her how loved she is...

jessica said...

GO TO THE DR! Don't just sit around on this... I posted last week about my report from the dr... if I had waited, I would def regret it!

ChristyCate said...

Denise!!! Get up and GO!!! To the DOCTOR!!! YES, MA'AM!!! And then Starbucks...And when does the pool open?! I miss seeing you! Yes, there is Bible Study on Sunday nights.