Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend 2008

I hope you enjoyed the videos - they are very inspiring to me....

I wanted to put up some pictures from the weekend. Kenny, Jim and I went to LTC in Dallas for Bible Bowl. Kenny was in 3 events - Bible Bowl, Drama and Chorus. I thought that he did well in Drama and Chorus. I heard the Chorus practice on Friday night and thought there was no way they weren't going to be awful on Saturday afternoon. They were great! On the key. On the note. No touching of hair or face. It was really very sweet.

The drama was funny, too. Kenny did a outrageous accent and R tore off his pants (sorry, no picture available.)

Lastly, a shot of Abbie on Easter. She looked so sweet! A friend at church (mom of boys) said she looked like a catalog ad and she did! After MawMaw told her she needed a hat, I dutifully went and bought her one. The minute we sat down she wanted to take it off - I told her she had to wear it until she went to class. Girls and Clothes - it starts early!

OH, one more thing! Notice the bunny teeth on Abbie? They will not get loose enough to pull them out! It is driving me crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hey...we were at LTC in Dallas too! What site were you at? We were at Reunion Hyatt. Kristen did 2 choruses (girls small and mixed large), puppets, drama, and song leading and Bible reading as a pre-convention event. We've been to LTC for the past 10 years, 6 years as coaches and 4 as parents and coach. I wouldn't know what to think if we weren't in Dallas on Easter weekend! I will admit that this one was tougher than usual since Easter was so early this year AND it was at the end of Spring Break. Hope Kenny did well in all of his events. Love to all of you, Dee Anne