Monday, March 10, 2008

It's A Small World

I'm often playing the Who Do You Know Game. You know, that game when you try to find out who you have in common. In a small town like Abilene, it usually doesn't take long to find someone you both know. In a small fellowship the church of Christ, it's doesn't take very long either.

Does anybody else remember Batsell Barrett Baxter? We used to watch him on TV on Sunday mornings. He was mentioned in the funny book I'm reading A Girl Named Zippy - she had to watch him, too.


Check out Amy's blog. She is one of my oldest buddies and she lives in Denver. I don't scan or I'd put a picture of her from my wedding on here. She attended a fund-raiser in Denver for DryBones! Some of you know DryBones is a ministry supported by Southern Hills. I told her to be sure to meet Nicki because I had played Bunko with her just last month! I told Amy that she probably would be polite and not mention how loud and obnoxious I was that night. Lo and behold, there's a picture of her and Nicki on her site!

Sadly, Amy's dad passed away on Saturday night. She has gone to east Tennessee to be with her brothers and family and to bury her daddy. I'm sure she'll come back with tons of stories of her crazy relatives. She used to crack us up with those stories. This book I'm reading reminds me alot Amy telling her family's stories.


Lisa said...

Now *there's* a name I haven't heard in a while: Good ol' Batsell Barrett Baxter!

Do you ever wonder what his friends called him? Batsell Barrett? Batsell? Bats? Kind of like F. LaGard Smith. If I met him in person would I call him F LaGard?

Oh, the things that keep me away at night. :-)

soul and culture said...

Checking in from the road here.

I think I would call Batsell Barrett Baxter B-Cubed. (B3).

Yes, it has been a long, hard few days. Now the real work begins.

And the story list is getting long. Oh, the stories I could tell.

Like the lady who apologized for missing the funeral due to a monthly dog grooming appointment. And the dog wears little girl baby clothes. But he is a boy dog.

Or the close-talking man who I don't really know who asked to be a pall bearer not long before the service. I had to delicately turn down his request - because he had asked Brian - and Brian told him to talk to me because I was making those decisions. Yeah, thanks.

Or the cousin who had his camera at the cemetery and wanted family pictures.

Can't really top the preacher who mentioned my parent's separation in the course of the eulogy, though. Coulda gone all day with airing that, I think.

After you read Girl Named Zippy, check out Haven Kimmel's sequel - She Got Up Off of the Couch.