Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Tooth Fairy Tale

Mrs. Tooth Fairy: I really think we are going to have to go to the dentist to have those front two teeth pulled out! They aren't coming out....

Mr. Tooth Fairy: Does Dr. E even do that?

Mrs. Tooth Fairy: I don't know. How much do we already owe Dr. E? I heard that Dr. L pulls out kid's teeth so that the ones behind can come in.

Mr. Tooth Fairy: She has one that's already broken through.

Mrs. Tooth Fairy: I know. What do you think we should do?

Mr. and Mrs. Tooth Fairy had this same discussion for several days. Granny Tooth Fairy threatened to take her to have the teeth pulled by some unknown dentist.

On WATS Day at the Tooth Fairy Family's church....

Mr. Tooth Fairy: Is that Dr. L?

Mrs. Tooth Fairy: I can't tell from the back. I think it is.

Mr. Tooth Fairy gets back in the truck.

Mrs. Tooth Fairy: Did you ask Dr. L if he pulls children's teeth?

Mr. Tooth Fairy: I wasn't sure that was him.

At this point, Mr. and Mrs. Tooth Fairy refrain from having the same discussion again - should they or shouldn't they take her to the dentist. Until the Tooth Fairy Family is eating together and Mr. and Mrs. Tooth Fairy see the offending teeth.....

to be continued