Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now They Have Stripes

I only have time for a short story so I can't continue about the Tooth Fairy Family....

Last Thursday night Abbie went to TaeKwonDo for the first time. She has been asking for awhile but I have been rather hesitant. She seems too young and I hate to over-schedule my kids. She already does dance, yall! (Recital alert! Be ready for pictures on blog!) But Thursday we decided she was ready.

She loved it! It helped that they worked with weapons that night. She had some kind of sticks that I couldn't understand and Kenny had a "Bow Staff." She was thrilled that she could make her own sticks!! They both could make their own weapons!!

Abbie told me that Daddy was going to make her some and of her own (jabber, jabber) sticks and "I'm going to decorate them with rainbows! No. That isn't very weapony. OOOO! How about a Ninja on one stick and a Ballet shoe on the other."


soul and culture said...

Waiting with bated breath for the rest of the tooth fairy tale. To pass the time, I tagged you in a meme.

Teresa C said...

I'm waiting for the continuation of the tooth fairy. Come on now, don't leave us in suspense! :)