Monday, February 11, 2008

When Will It End?

Kenny told me that 3 4th graders left Thomas on Monday with the Chicken Pox!

Good times.


Frazzmom said...

Came by from the Big Bloggy Move- love your cute design!

Congrats on your win!!!

jessica said...

WHat in the world?? I heard the vaccine was needed a boost, but I thought they were just being safe!

soul and culture said...

4th grade. The year I had chicken pox. Came down with them on Friday, the day before Spring Carnival, the highlight of the year. Didn't get to go, which totally crushed me. And my family brought me back lame prizes to compensate.

Missed a whole week of school. Only other time in my life when I've been out of commission for that long was when I had pneumonia about 8 years ago. I don't recommend either.

The cool thing about chicken pox was that the living room became the 'sick room' - sofa bed, tv, the works.

I don't think my mom thought it was so cool, because I passed them to Brian, who passed them on to William. So the Clifford house was an infirmary for about a month.

soul and culture said...

love the new design!

Melissa said...

Love the new design! So perfect for you! Hate that the chicken pox is going around.

Stephanie said...

Oh your design is so bright and happy!

My boys were immunized from chickenpox, but W got a very very mild case anyway, when he was in kindergarten.