Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Question For The Weekend

I seem to have alot of shoes. They look like they are spilling out of my closet. Everyday they are scattered all over the house - or maybe it just seems like it.

Apparently it's catching - Abbie has shoes everywhere, too.

How many pair of shoes do you have? Which pair can you not live without?


jessica said...

I am not going to put a number, but I have two shoes things on the way, a huge drawer full of flip-flops, and many, many shoes on the bottom of my closet. My current faves are my brown sketchers... they feel like tennis shoes but they are brown leather and I can wear them to work!

Melene@Sing For Joy said...

I have way too many pairs of black shoes, and other kinds too. Too many to count! My current favorites are my brand new Asics walking shoes. They could be the most comfortable brand I've worn, but maybe it's because they are new.