Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Satan's Plastic Bags.....

Yall know that we all need to cut down on our usage of plastic bags....... I told yall that I have take to carrying a Big Purple Bag (my children think it's an ACU bag) and trying to use it. I have had alot of success doing away with more plastic bags.

  • Shopping in the mall - I got one large paper sack (I don't know why paper containers are called "sacks") and refused all other plastic bags that every other store tried to give me. Saved 3 bags that day.

  • Shopping thrift stores for an 80's costume - refused all bags given. Between Sarah and I we saved 6 bags.

  • At Wal-Mart - Used my Big Purple Bag and got all but my milk in it! I really holds alot of stuff. Why do you need a bag for milk anyway? It's got a handle.... That was at least 3 bags saved.

Check out the back of Sarah's car from HEB! She spent $50.....

This is my favorite statistic from the Today show story:

If every American household took one re-usable canvas bag to the store on every trip, our country could save 10 Billion plastic bags. Enough fuel for 50,000 cars for 1 year.50,000!

That's alot of saving, people.


Anonymous Assclown said...

Actually, it wouldn't save that much gas. Those plastic bags are biodegradeable and most waste management companies now harness the methane gas collected from garbage disposal sites and use it to generate electricity. So buy using cloth bags (don't get me started on the damage cotton does to farmland) you're actually removing a source of energy.

Crazy Daisy said...

Cool! I just started using reusable bags as well!
Thanks for stopping by my new blog! :)

not-so-deep Denise said...

Wow, Anonymous. Thank you for your rather impassioned view. You are the first person I've heard say that the plastic bags are biogradable - now what about disposible diapers? I sure have thrown alot of those away.

I'm also making the big jump here that you don't realize that we are able to eat because of the cotton crop in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Glad you stopped by (I think) - feel free to use the Earth in whatever matter you see fit. I'll keep using my canvas (really it's some unknown material) bag and taking my empty juice jugs for re-cycling.

Stephanie said...

I also recently started using bags. They are REUSABLE and they are PRETTIER!

Have you seen these at your Wal-Mart yet?

ChristyCate said...

Denise... You go, Girl! You crack me up... Yes, Sarah, that pun was SOOOOO intended!

Leigh said...

Im gonna start doing this.
How was your trip to Bham? I am gonna read down more to see if it is on herer, as I have been out of town myself. Did you find Edgars Bakery?

Anonymous said...

Hey Assclown, what kind of clothes do you wear?