Monday, February 25, 2008

A Love Fest!

I want to tell everybody that I felt all your prayers for the Coffee Group while we were gone. It was a rough trip for me. I didn't realize that going home would be so difficult. We spoke at my old home church and when I looked out at all those ladies I knew - it freaked me out a little. I wanted to stay and hear about all their children and husbands. I heard that one is having marriage difficulties and I didn't have time to talk with her about it. I saw at least one lady I really wanted to talk with but didn't get over there to at all.

I had a hard time leaving my family, too. My family in Alabama, that is. I wanted to stay and talk some more. I wanted to go see my nephew play basketball and watch my niece in her Little Miss Cougar (all my nephews and niece's school) pageant.

But how sweet it was to come home to all of you asking about our trip. It was terrific to be with my husband again. It was hard on him to take care of everybody on 3 hours sleep. He fell asleep when I got home! My children still had lots of activities at church on Sunday night and I they wanted me to be with them - so off I went!

I thank the Lord that Mimi and Pop are here and can take care of the kids for us. They have already agreed to watch them again on Friday night (Ladies Retreat) and again in April. (My sweet hubby is taking me to the Big City for a weekend - Woo Hoo!)

Love you all and I so appreciate that keep stopping by!


soul and culture said...

Glad y'all had a great weekend. Since I'm living vicariously, did you get to do anything or eat anywhere "Birmingham"?

Margaret said...

I am just SO sorry that I missed you here!