Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is Sprung

Yeah, Kenny is at school for the entire day!!! Abbie is happily watching one of her favorites shows (Charlie and Lola), Jim is at the office, and I'm sitting down to type. All is right with the Waldrop household.

Spring Break ended with rain. Three days of rain. Here is Abilene it doesn't rain very often and people are usually thankful for the rain. I grew up with plenty of rain - it doesn't fascinate me. I don't remember how many days it has been since it last rained. I don't know how many inches it rained. I don't know the water level at Lake Fort Phantom. I try to notice if my plants need water; in Bham we didn't water in March, ever.

It did put a kink in the Spring Break plans. After being home all day on Thursday, I decided the children needed to go to Mimi's and pick up pecans. Then they could sell the pecans and maybe pay for their way into the movie. They needed to get out and they needed a task. It rained.

Uncle Billy took them to see Hoodwinked on Saturday because they were bouncing off the walls!! They enjoyed the movie and they love hanging with Uncle Billy. On Sunday one of Kenny's friends, Miles, came over. It's interesting how Abbie plays with the big boys. She loves them the way she loves Kenny. She supposes that they will treat her like she's fun to be with. The boys usually look at me when she hugs them looking up into their eyes. They're never sure this is okay. I think it's sweet.


Sarah said...

I guess I've lived in Abilene long enough now that I'm pretty fascinated by the rain, and plan on being "socked in" by the rain the way some people plan on being snowed in. We get out the puzzles and fun movies! BTW -- the pecan-buying place is closed and say they will "see you next fall" on 14th. Don't know if you have "Plan B" for selling your pecans.