Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Love the Face You're In

Oprah has Meg Ryan on today and has been showing teasers. Someone has down as injustice to Meg Ryan's face. Poor Meg....

Lesson learned: accept crow's feet, laugh lines, and sagging with minimal intervention.


Steve Duer said...

Shannon had a 1st grader who has autistic tendancies tell her she has "creases" around her eyes. When she smiled at his comment he added "when you smile there are lots of creases".

Sarah said...

I thought that about that soap opera star, Lisa whats-her-name, who was in "Dancing With the Stars". She used to be really beautiful -- now she has ridiculous Botox lips.

That said, you will probably have to hold a picture of Meg Ryan in front of me to stop me from getting plastic surgery in about 10 years. My never-ending battle with vanity won't end soon!

Tammy M. said...

She had such a sweet, pure, wholesome face, the more she aged the better she looked I thought. I went over to Oprah's site and was sad to see her new face. She is still pretty but not the same. There is no reason for wrinkles to go away, they are dignified and true.

Lisa said...

OK, Denise, I'm commenting on your blog. :-)

1. Yes, Meg Ryan freaks me out now.

2. Daniel started having seizures this past year. I know how scary that is. How is Abby?

3. You were the first person to send back the getting to know you list, so you proved me wrong.

4. I haven't seen you comment on my blog either, but then again I rarely post anything.

Miss you and love you! :-)

Stephanie said...

I'm right there with you , sister! :)
I know women with grey hair, gorgeous creases and not-exactly-Barbie shapes who radiate Loveliness. On the other hand I've also met some women with skin-deep "beauty" which can't seem to make up for their lack of luster.