Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Movie Night

Time for the review:
Jim and I saw Failure to Launch last night and laughed out loud. Jim was afraid it would be a girly movie and was a little relutant to see it. It's not too girly!! It's so funny. Matthew McConaughey was sooo cute. That man's teeth are unnaturally white. I know that he paid someone alot of money for those WHITE teeth! There's funny guy friends, a funny roomate, and Terry Bradshaw is hysterical as Matthew's dad. In fact, the only nudity is Terry's butt. There was some cursing and the "Queen Mother of Dirty Words" is used one time. Good for the parents to go see.

Maybe I'm getting older but I love laughing out loud at the show!!! I screamed, I guffawed, I was probably annoying. I always want my money's worth.


Tammy M. said...

Rob, Tamara and I saw it Saturday night. We all thought it was enjoyable. Matthew was on Oprah and she asked him about his white teeth, he said he has a fettish for brushing his teeth, he has a toothbrush in almost every room, and often times just walks around with it in his mouth. So he has very clean and shiny teeth, but he also hasn't worn deodorant in 7 years, I find those two characteristics ironic in the same person.

Steph said...

That is very interesting comment about deodorant considering he is from and I think still lives in Texas! How could you live in Texas and not wear deodorant? He must be a freqent shower taker. He is still one of my favorites, even if he is stinky:)

Sounds like a cute movie-hope to see it soon.

Sarah said...

I have a tooth-brushing fettish, as well, but I think my Diet Coke fettish wins out in keeping my teeth from being sparkly white. More than anything, I would like to see Terry Bradshaw in something. He is HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the review!