Monday, March 06, 2006

Mazel Tov!

I know that all my faithful readers are anxious to hear about the wedding I worked this weekend. It was lovely. All professionally done so it's much easier on me. These paid people come in with lots of help, a clear vision, and knowing that they are getting paid. Because there's money involved they're just more motivated and focused. (Sorry, all you moms of the bride.)

I saw no tattoos. Don't be too disappointed - maybe I just missed them. It is a little hard to believe in this day that a room full of 20 somethings is tattoo free.

The video was interesting. Almost every wedding we've had at Southern Hills has a video presentation with childhood pictures. This is the sweetest thing!!! I can't wait till I get to do this to Kenny and Abbie! At this wedding, there were 3 songs. One of the songs was "Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts. That's a powerful song. All about how all the broken hearts and losers dated led the singer to his love. Great. The funny thing was the pictures of the couple together. There were SEVERAL of them kissing. It got a little personal. I think the kicker was them in the tub together. Yes, she had a bathing suit and so did he (I suppose) and it was cute with lots of bubbles but it still felt a little TMI (too much information) for this writer. But hey, it's all good now, right?

Disclaimer: These are sweet people and I love her aunt. The MOB is very nice and gave me a big bonus. It was really lovely.


Sarah said...

I love the videos, too. It's the time that makes me think that my children will be doing the same exact thing someday. All of the little league and youth basketball pictures kill me! It will be here too fast!

Don't know "Broken Road", but I love Rascal Flatts!