Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Question for The Weekend

I'm putting a link here today. "Uncle Billy," who has a life outside of buying stuff for my kids, is trying to raise some money for the GOP (The Grand Old Party.) He fears that the Democrats will do something crazy if they are elected.

So how about another political question....

Would you vote for another actor for President?


Tammy M. said...

Heck ya. The last actor president was awesome. Although not rightfully respected until he left office. I would vote for someone who had conservative views and a good value system. Wouldn't it be dreamy to have a president that valued truth, God, family, was well spoken, oh wait that was Ronny. My Nana wrote Ronald Reagan on the presidential ballad every year for 10 years before he ever ran for president.

Terral said...

I would vote for another actor like Ronald Reagan. I want a conservative guy with christian values. When I heard Fred Thompson I liked what he had to say, but then I found out he's on his third marriage. To a PYT, as Michael Jackson sang.
Who do you like, and think could win? I think Guiliani would have the best chance to beat Hillary or Obama, but I don't agree with his stance on abortion or same sex marriage. He's been married a few times too!
Maybe Dennis Miller will run! Not sure how conservative he is, but he's hilarious.

christycate said...


Troy M. Stirman said...

I LOVE Fred Thompson- not because he's ridden the marriage circus a few times, but because he talks straight and hard, just like Reagan. Thompson doesn't play up to either the GOP party-line nor does he sidestep sharp barbs from the party of jacks. Ever see any of his YouTube videos on-line? They are hilarious, straight talking, conservative, almost grandfatherly the way he communicates. I love what he told that moron Michael Moore about Cuban Healthcare vs. US Healthcare.

Donna Ware said...

Is there a presidential race?? Hmm.....which one has the best hair???

Terral said...

I think what you have to say Troy has some merit. My husband and I saw Fred T. interviewed be Sean Hannity and we were impressed with the guy. I will have to watch some of the You Tube videos. It took one of my good friends 3 times to finally get a solid mate, so maybe the same thing happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both married only once, were two of the worst presidents ever. Ronald Reagan was married twice. Fred Thompson is on his second marriage. She didn't break up his marriage, he was divorced 15 years before they married.





Terral said...

Does your last name start with a C Ann. Haa! If so, I loved your book Church of the Liberals. I didn't realize Fred was divorced 15 years before he was remarried. I am glad you said that Ann.
Sorry Denise. I am sure there must be a 3 comment limit.
Since we are discussing politics, y'all ought to read Dick Morris book
Outrage. It will fire you up!

Anthony Parker said...

Sorry I'm a bit late getting to this. I had a look at Uncle Billy's site -- looks like his fund raising is going a little slowly.

Did you know Fred Thompson was born in Alabama -- Sheffield, I think; somewhere in Colbert county. He's actually a distant cousin of mine -- my dad's mother was a Thompson, and it is the same bunch. So there, that's my claim to fame.

I like what he has to say, and he does come across very presidential. I just don't know what is really him and how much is good acting -- but at least it's good acting and not bad acting. He's my pick of the field so far. I don't know about his multiple marriages and that is a reservation, but we'll be voting for president, not canonizing saints.

Lisa said...

I know I'm a couple of weeks late on this. I've been mulling the question over.

I've become a little politically jaded but have decided that yes, I would vote for another actor for president, but not Fred Thompson.

I would vote for Colin Firth if he ran for President. I would love hearing a British accent deliver the bad news and then I'd get to see his boy-next-door handsome face more often.

I might also vote for Johnny Depp. Face it, he can play absolutely any role and do it well. He could probably play the role of the president for eight years and be more effective than many other presidents have been.

Harrison Ford did a great job playing the president in the movie Air Force One. Maybe he could do a good job in real life too.