Thursday, September 20, 2007


Remember the good-ole-days when we all had gospel meetings? (Not Revivals) Our family went every night and we usually had to fix supper at least one night. That's the way it was - we went to church every time the doors were open. Amen.

We had ACU Lectureship this week here in Abilene. During Lectureship there are classes during the day and speakers every night. I usually want to hear everybody that talks. I'm interested in the topic or I know of the speaker and want to hear him or her. This week was no different. I wasn't able to go to any classes during the day because of work but I was determined to hear at least two of the evening lectures.

So we took our children to two evening lectures. I wanted to tell them that these men and their words made such an impact on me - their words would do the same for them. I didn't think it would matter.

Landon Saunders on Monday night - he was smokin! He spoke for 50 minutes. Fifty minutes that went into my heart and caused me to look at everybody the next day differently. Kenny read a book and Abbie colored. Toward the end Abbie said, "This guy is good!" She thought he was funny. I thought he was poignant.

Jeff Walling last night. Now, we had to work to get to hear him! Rush here, cook as quickly as possible, gobble it down and hurry to get a parking place. But I couldn't miss Jeff Walling! Those of us of a certain age remember those youth rallies he used to do. Do we even have youth rallies any more? Never the less, my kids loved him! He told some funny illustrations that both of them were quoting in the car this morning. I got to say, "Remember that was about God's grace?"

It was hard to be there. It was hard to be on time. My kids would have rather been at home watching TV. But it was worth it. For me and hopefully for them, too.


Erica said...

I wish that it would have worked for us to go to some of the ACU Lectureship, maybe next year. I remember Jeff Walling from my days in the youth group, he was always so inspiring. Glad your family got to enjoy all the good speakers.

As for your question for last weekend, there are so many people I would like to know better. Of course, you are on the list because you always make me laugh:) I am trying to do more things at church so that I can get to know some more people better. Good question!

Tammy M. said...

I loved hearing Jeff Walling. I had never heard him before and boy he did a great job pointing us to the Father. I love the ACU Lectures. I especially like the theme this year - Do Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with your God.

Lisa said...

Ahh, I'm jealous. Is that OK to be jealous about Christianly things like going to lectureship? I hope so.

Anyway, I think youth rallies have been replaced by things like Uplift and Centrifuge.

And how do you like Time Traveler's Wife?

Anthony Parker said...

I was there at Landon's speech Monday night and saw you at a distance. Not many kids were there (mine weren't) and I admire you and Jim for bringing them out. Yeah, I remember those weeks where we went to church every night and didn't question it because we were just the kind of people who did those things. (Not by my choice, but by my parents.) Now it's hard to get even "church-going" to people there for Bible class on Sundays, and don't even think about Sunday nights or Wednesdays. At least where I live.