Monday, September 24, 2007

Grown-Up Fun

This past weekend our children were gone. It was just this side of glorious. Mimi and Pop took them to Dallas and Jim and I were by ourselves. Kenny asked me if we would miss them. I very nicely said that it would be quiet around here. I also told him that by Sunday we would be missing them.


It was quiet. I read and watched football with Jim. We went out for dinner and saw a movie with Tammy and Rob. (3:10 to Yuma - it was good.) We rented 3 movies and watched them all. Jim grilled us steaks and we split one. Just one! We ate a pan of brownies. We knew we couldn't leave any evidence.

It was wonderful and quiet. It was a little weird at church but Jim was able to put his arm around me without pushing a child down the pew. One of Abbie's friends was a little put out with us that Abbie wasn't there. Like it was our fault. The living room stayed cleaned up.

Oh. They had fun, too.


Tammy M. said...

Well I loved 3:10 to Yuma, but the company made it the most fun it could have been. For all those people who have sat by Denise in a movie that has witty songs, like Hairspray, or witty dialogue like, the Devil Wears Prada, we all know that Denise is by far the most outspoken person in a movie theater. And not the least bit apologetic about it either by the way. Well during a shoot 'em up just imagine Denise being horrified by each bullet, and being quite noisy about her horrification. She is absolutely the most fun person to sit next to in a movie, unless ofcourse you don't know her and then her quirkiness is probably cause for you to find the theatre manager, or atleast a couple of squinty eye looks. Did I mention she is not the least bit apologetic about it!

Anonymous said...

We had the joy of watching a little girl eat the cheese from her pizza taking care not to eat any of the little red things then lining the crust back up into a nice little pie. We got to chase a little dog down the street because a little boy and little girl and their mimi like to stand with the door open just long enough to let it escape. Just as you have convinced the dog to come in the house, the little boy or girl starts making noises or chasing it so it runs again. Having my sister and mom and dad and niece and nephew and dog, plus my two stressed out by all the visitors dogs wore me out.