Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back Row - Who Knew?

I'm getting all caught up in this Transforming Community thing that's going on now at Southern Hills! I know some people see it as a "new" way to raise money but I don't want to be that cynical - I'm catching a vision!!

A vision of what our group that meets on Buffalo Gap road can look like. A vision of what our group can do for hurting people. A vision of lost people finding a place to meet Jesus. A vision of where our clan's gonna be in 10 years!
At HIP last night I ended up on the back row. Yall know that I don't like the back row but last night that's where I landed and things look different back there. There are people that I never see and people I'd never seen (including 2 good-looking men that my single friends may need to meet!) It was a new perspective.
One of the most interesting things was Steve Ridgell asking for a committment in the prayer time. He asked people to stand that were hurting or trying to get out a sinful situation. But he also asked people to stand that would commit to helping hurting people - being a community. Steve didn't make it sound good. He made it sound dirty and he made it sound like lots of hard work. He was honest about the heartbreak that can happen when we get into one another's lives.

I wasn't sure about standing. Yeah, I wanna help hurting people but my first commitment is to my family. Next, it's to my church friends - we're already in each other's lives and that can be alot. Isn't that enough? How much am I called to anyway?

Well, I was on the back row. I saw how quickly people stood. I saw who they were. I saw their determination to helping hurting people. I saw that other members of my clan had caught that same vision! It was powerful. It was wonderful.
I'll never dis Tammy for sitting on the back row again - there's stuff going on back there!