Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kudos To Yall!

Check out the new button on my sidebar. If you can read this without difficulty, you must be a genius! Maybe it's the use of the word "kudos."


Sheila said...

Okay, Denise, I don't think we've even met yet, but finding your blog is causing problems. I had my blog rated, and it said Elementary Level.

And I am an English major and have poetry from Gerard Manley Hopkins on my blog from time to time.

I think this thing is a joke!

(I enjoyed the pretty Christmas Canon in D music, by the way.)

I'll try using the word "kudos" on my blog and see what happens.

--Lisa's sister

not-so-deep Denise said...

I was kinda afraid of what shelia said - it ain't real, yall! But my ego was stroked for about 1 minute.

Does this mean I need to remove it....

Hey, Shelia! We met when Lisa and I came to Memphis to see Beth Moore (in concert seems inappropriate.)

Lisa said...

I think it's because you referred to a telescope and used the word kudos. Astronomy and foreign languages in the same blog definitely raise the brain level! Oh -- and you have your "what I'm reading" sidebar! Reading ALWAYS raises the brain level!

Genius or not, I love your blog and wouldn't want you to change a thing about it! ;-)