Friday, December 28, 2007

I Know I Do

Well, just when you think Christmas is over - Santa Billy brings just one more gift. Uncle Billy spoils my children quite a bit. They assume when he comes to town that he will take them to Chucky Cheese (Mr. Gatti's is out due to a previous unfortunate incident,) the movies, and/or Target for toys.

This time it's a telescope. Apparently it broke his heart when Abbie questioned why she didn't get a telescope. She took him outside and said, "I've been good all year. Why didn't Santa bring me a telescope?" Now, I would have probably told her that we can't have everything we want. Or that Santa decided that she was just a little too young for a telescope. Or to look at that great Hannah Montana closet she got with all the clothes for her Hannah Montana doll.

But Uncle Billy just went and bought one for her. It took 4 different stores before he found one.

Don't you wish you had an Uncle Billy?


Tammy M. said...

Kenny and Abbie are lucky to have an uncle that enjoys spending time with them, a little spoiling is great.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Denise!

I'm glad you and your family had such a good Christmas and hope that your new year will be wonderful!

My prayers are that y'all have a very blessed 2008!

Also glad your kids have an Uncle Billy.

Much love,