Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Just Never Know

It's always funny what gets folks to my blog. There's always my name. There's usually links from my friends. There's often links from the Coffee Group. Then there's the search engine links - those can be funny or just plain weird. The ickiest one was someone in Manhattan (of course) using the words "men wearing pan*yhose." (Searcher didn't use * but I will) By using the * in some words, I can cut down on the freaks.

Oh, which post brought that weirdo to my little corner of blogsphere? The one about Abbie forgetting to wear something underneath her skort one day. To make matters worse, that searcher with a bank's address. Weren't you supposed to be working, dude?

Current searches:
what makes me a winner
make me a winner
civil duty 2007
it's only a game
word for the day

and my favorite:
flying tomato personality


Melissa said...

OK - so how do you get these stats? That's a little freaky.

stephanie said...

Firstly, I can hardy fault a person working at a bank for breaking up the monotony with a little surfing...

Secondly, what in the world is flying tomato personality? Makes me want to google!

Thirdly, I used to get a lot of weird traffic from strange parts of the world too, people searching all kinds of things but Wordpress lets you "turn off" your blog from showing up in search engines. It isn't fool proof, but it has cut down my "by chance" traffic bigtime.

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of hits from people looking for popcorn because I wrote a couple of long, detailed posts about the beauties of good popcorn and why it is the perfect gourmet food.

Then I get a lot, too, on my "northern vs. southern football fans" and that's interesting. It was a funny take on fans that's worth the reading. In fact, it's hilarious, so I'm glad people are finding it.

I also get a lot of people doing research involving wind vanes, of course.

Good post, Denise.

Hope you're doing well.

Cheers & Blessings to you all today!

of Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles

Denise W said...

I gotta tell ya - I had to see what hit on Flying Tomato Personality! It was a post I wrote on Shawn White, The Flying Tomato - he's a snowboarder.

I do love to see what freaky thing brings folks over here - so I'll keep it. I'll just try to be fami*y fri*ndly!

Melissa, SiteMeter - gives all kinds of info about who is in your blog.