Thursday, October 11, 2007

So This Morning......

I'm trying to walk my neighborhood in the mornings. I don't enjoy walking. I do it to sleep better and help with my squiggly lines. When I left it was cloudy and I saw some lightening off in the distance, but I live in West Texas. Just because there's something in the distance doesn't mean it's coming your way. It did. I was on the other end of my neighbor when the rain started - I was glad I was wearing a windbreaker.

Now your wondering what squiggly lines are, right? I have found them online under visual disturbances. They can be caused by many different things. I've had them for years but usually 2 to 3 a year - they come, they last about 30 minutes, and they're gone. Last week I had 2 to 3 a day! A day! They make seeing the TV, the computer, or the road difficult. In my attempt to diagnose myself online, I found that relaxation can help, stretching while working at the computer can help, and exercise can help. I'm diligent to stretch while working at the office and the walking is (of course) preceded by stretching.

I haven't had any this week. Maybe it's working? I'm hoping so.

Lastly, I wanted to give more info on Abbie. I think we have the real reason she didn't want to smile at the photo shoot. When asked to smile (for the camera,) she can't just smile her real smile. So her smiles turn out to be teeth-baring grimaces. Now, I knew this but, I didn't realize she did. She can't turn it on for the camera. She's one of those people that need someone behind the camera making funny faces. Bless her.


Tammy M. said...

Glad you are walking to take care of the fuzzy lines.

Lisa Burley said...
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Lisa said...

This time it's for real. I think I have squiggly lines too. It started around the same time I went back to full time work. Makes sense. More stress. More computer time. More squiggly lines.

At first I thought you were talking about -- I don't know -- cellulite or something. Ha ha ha!